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List of Lisp dialects and other s expression based languages

Fabio Krapohl edited this page Feb 21, 2017 · 1 revision

List of (unknown) Lisp dialects and other s-expression based langauges

dale: c with s-expressions: very simple c function calls, lisp-like macros, some c++ features (overloading and type information even for macros), good documentation

ketos: A lisp language, which can be called from Rust. Rust provides some nice libs for game development (safe abstractions for opengl and vulkan), and even lisp-like macros generated at compile time (which may enable even more lisp/s-expressions in rust programs).

None: A language made for game programming based on Lua-Jit, has C-interop, support for naked expression (no brackets, but correct indentation needed)

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