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:book: Part of the v1.2 User Manual.

v1 2-palette-dockpanel

The palette dock panel is a place where you can save the colors that you use for your artwork. Like most of the panels built within MyPaint, the Color Palette can be docked into a sidebar or floated free. Clicking on any of the colors would switch your current tool's color with the one that is chosen. Double-clicking it opens the Colour Details window where you can change the selected color. MyPaint loads its default color palette that consists of 77 different colors. Clicking on the small wrench on the top right side of the Palette dockpanel would open a new dialog box (Palette Editor window).

There are three ways in which you can access the palette:

  • Shift + C (on Windows)
  • On the tools panel -> Color Adjusters -> Color palette
  • On the Menu bar -> Window -> Color Adjusters -> Color palette

The Palette Editor

v1 2-palette-editor

This panel provides a way for you to make and save your own customized palette. You can also edit an existing palette by adding or removing colors.

  • The Title form lets you add a name for your palette.
  • The Columns modify the way your palettes are stacked. The higher the number, the wider the palette becomes. Change it according to your preferences.
  • The Color name is where you can give a specific name to a selected color in the palette. It can also be left blank.
  • The Open button lets you load an existing palette. This will open a new window displaying recently used palettes.
    • Other pre-made palettes can are found in myPaint's program files. v1 2-palette-load-default-palette
  • The Save button lets you save the current palette in .gpl format.
  • The Add button adds a new transparent block at the bottom the palette. Double clicking it would open a new window that let's you set a color for that block (Color Details window)
  • The Remove button deletes the selected color from the palette.
  • The Clear button deletes the entire palette.

Color Details

Double click a colour swatch in the palette to edit it. This will open the Colour Details window. Saving changes in the Colour Details window will overwrite that colour swatch.

Bookmark Icon

Another quick way to add colors using the pick color tool is to use the bookmark at the bottom of the screen:

v1 2-palette-bookmark-shortcut

  1. Press (R) to switch to the Pick Color tool or select the icon from the tool bar. If using the keyboard shortcut, make sure that the Palette editor window is closed.
  2. Click on a color from your canvas.
  3. Click on the small bookmark at the bottom of the screen.

Menu and shortcuts

The Colour menu item offers another quick way to:

  • Save a colour to the Palette
  • Change to the previous colour on the Palette
  • Change to the next colour on the Palette

There are no default keyboard shortcuts set. But you can set them in the Preferences window.

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