GSoC 2007 Report

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GSoC 2007 Report

Information about the 2007 Google Summer of Code and SymPy


SymPy has participated in GSoC 2007 under the umbrella of Python Software Foundation (PSF), the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) and Portland State University (PSU). Students were able to send their applications to any of those institutions and SymPy got 11 applications in total, almost all of which were very high quality (details). The student applications were competing with all the other at PSF, STScI and PSU. At the end, 5 best succeeded. You can find here who their mentor was, which organisation they were accepted to, their final reports and tutorials (documentation) to their projects.

Besides their projects, they were able to form a nice team together with other SymPy developers and we fixed many things all over SymPy and just brought SymPy where it is now (all 5 students successfuly finished their projects). Before GSoC, it was only Ondřej and Fabian working on it (and there was only a very small userbase), now there are 11 people with svn access and much more people using it.

Overall, it was a huge success and we owe many thanks to Google and PSF, STScI and PSU for allowing all of this to happen. We will try to participate in GSoC 2008 as well. All relevant information will be announced on the front page, so just follow the news in there.


student svn account mentor mentoring organization report tutorial
Robert Schwarz lethargo Fabian Seoane PSF GSoC 2007 Report Robert Schwarz: Polynomials PolynomialsTutorial
Mateusz Paprocki mattpap Ondřej Čertík STScI GsoC 2007 Report Mateusz Paprocki: Concrete Math Concrete Math And Term Rewriting
Brian Jorgensen brian.jorgensen Ondřej Čertík PSF GSoC 2007 Report Brian Jorgensen: Plotting PlottingModule
Chris Wu Chris.Wu Mike Haertel PSU GSoC 2007 Report Mike Haertel: Lin Alg LinearAlgebraTutorial
Jason Gedge inferno1386 Jim Jewett PSF GSoC 2007 Report Jason Gedge: Geometry GeometryModule

Other information

Students regularly updated their blogs about their progress, that are all aggregated at:

You can find many interesting information in there about what was happening during the summer.

Besides that, the sympy's mailinglist and issues are the other two areas, where the development was taking place. See also SympyDevelopment