GSoC 2013 Application Shaun: Mobile App for Android

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About Me

Name: Shaun


Github: shaun.hei.lee

Location: Beijing, China

School: Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences.(2010.9 – 2013.7)

Background and Programming Skills

As a graduate school student, I have worked in our HCI labs for a year and half (The first year in graduate school is for courses study). During this time, I have been working on designing and implementing a story telling software for children. This is an android pad based software with which children could easily to use. The story scene is designed to be 3D based and could be decorated by children. The application is written by C and java. The 3D story scene is mostly implemented by using OPENGL ES. I have a good understanding about the Android OS and how to develop apps on Android.

My main programming skills are in C/C++/Java. From my college time to now, I have almost 40,000+ lines of coding experience as a whole. Most of these codes are written in C/C++/Java.For Python, I also have some course project’s experience which could account for about 5,000+ lines coding experience as a whole.

As for open source coding experience, I have some contributions to the ASCEND project when I participate GSOC 2012 to do kind of python and C++ binding project by using SWIG. This experience makes me understanding python more and got to know how to work with open source project. And finally I passed the final evaluation of GSOC 2012.

Besides the coding experience above, I have learnt how to use GTK/GTKMM which I used to implement some small tool and course projects under Linux and do some bug fixing issue on ASCEND project. During my first year’s study, I have done some of course projects by using Python such as implementing a Chinese word segmentation tool. In another course project, I managed to implement a minesweeper game which looks the same as the one on Windows under Linux by using GTKMM.

Contributions to SymPy

I am new to Sympy, So I don't have many contributions to Sympy. I have just send a pull request which is related to #3594.

Issue URL:

Pull URL:

The Project


Implementation details