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This wiki is deprecated!
We are moving all of our wikis to GitHub. If you want to create a page, please create one there.

If you like, you can help move pages there. A list of all pages on this wiki is here. First, see if it already exists at the GitHub wiki by checking here, then feel free to transfer/edit content. You can also checkout the GitHub wiki as a git repository. See If you have completely transferred a page to the GitHub wiki, please add Category:Transferred to GitHub to the bottom of the page (on this wiki). See the category page for a list of all pages that have already been transferred.

Welcome to the SymPy wiki!

We encourage everyone to participate in this wiki. To edit it, you need to create an account (top right corner). Just fill in your name and password and that's it (no email confirmation, or other annoying things). Feel free to play/test something in the Sandbox.

What is SymPy?

SymPy is a computer algebra system (CAS) written in the Python programming language. SymPy is easy to use and install (see the download instructions and tutorial for more information), and works everywhere where Python 2.4 or newer is installed (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, ...). SymPy's features include:

  • Arbitrary precision integers, rationals and floats, as well as symbolic expressions
  • Simplification (e.g. <math>abb + 2bab</math> → <math>3ab^2</math>), expansion (e.g. <math>(a+b)^2</math> → <math>a^2 + 2ab + b^2</math>), and other methods of rewriting expressions
  • Functions (exp, log, sin, ...)
  • Complex numbers (like exp(I*x).expand(complex=True)cos(x)+I*sin(x))
  • Taylor (Laurent) series and limits
  • Differentiation and integration

Wiki content

For newcomers:

For contributors: Detailed documentation pages (note: uptodate official version of all the files below is at

Moving from google wiki

If you want to move some page from, just find it's source code in: and copy it here (and adapt it).


Unless stated otherwise, everything on this wiki is licensed under the same terms as SymPy, i.e. modified BSD license. This is so that we can take anything from here and add it to the SymPy tarball as a documentation. If you have some interesting material, that you don't want to (or cannot) make BSD licensed, please put there a notice, that it has some other license.

Category:Transferred to GitHub

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