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Pearu Peterson

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I am currently in a leave from CENS, (Tallinn, Estonia) where I work as Senior Researcher and my research involves studying nonlinear wave phenomena in the fields like soliton theory, water wave theory (I am specialized in modelling extreme wave events) as well as nonlinear optics.

I got my PhD in 2001 on a topic of soliton theory dealing with multi-soliton interaction patterns and inverse problems (see my CV below for more information).

I am working in Simula Research Laboratory (Oslo, Norway) as a Reseach Scientist. Here my research is focused on developing scientific software.

I am the author of the Sympy Core project that aims at developing a CAS for Python with a robust, efficient, and easily extendable core parts.

I am the author of F2PY tool that has become a standard tool to connect Fortran and Python programs.

I am a co-author of the SciPy project that provides high-performance tools for performing scientific computations in Python.

I am a developer of the NumPy project where I am mainly responsible for the numpy.distutils and numpy.f2py packages as well as many smaller modules.

My (oldish) homepage that contains CV and other information:

My (not a very verbose) blog:

My relation to Python is summarized in a Python Threads Interview:)

I am married and have a German Shepherd dog Poiss and my other hobies include Power Boating and Sea camping for kids.

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