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avaer commented Jun 3, 2019

Running the tabs default launch command (-t) does not respect redirects at the target.

$ node . -t

☝️ The above will error, even though the server will redirect to and serve HTML there:

$ curl -i
HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2019 20:10:27 GMT
Content-Type: text/ht
ltchris commented May 7, 2019

From exokitxr/exokit#955

Perhaps a better solution than documenting this smorgusbord of debuggers is delivering a better debugging solution in the studio, as well as a remote debugger for the mobiles.

One is the user debugging their JS. This is probably most important, and would be expected to be used by HTML/JS code authors, including framework authors. This is a concern for the studio

Tutorial Unity learning: * Unity 3d is integrated with the Vuforia Engine to create Augmented reality AR . * How to use unity canvas camera Augmented Reality AR . * unity 3d raycast hit object With Augmented Reality AR . * Unity 3d AR Multi Language on GUI. * Unity 3D Support Arabic language. * Simple ideas for get drug information for professionals and consumers By Augmented reality AR. Note : If you need wonder Developer Create the Same Demo but information Drug On: 1- SQL lite Database (offline data). 2- Online Database used Json. 3- Open Website On canvas. Please told me on comment

  • Updated Apr 14, 2019

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