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OptiKey is now 4 separate applications!

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As of version 3.0.0, OptiKey has a new website and a new look! In an effort to reduce the amount of customisation you need to do in order to meet your individual requirements, there are now four new separate OptiKey applications!

  • Pro - This is a continuation of Optikey version 2 and includes everything: full computer control and communication tools
  • Chat - Full screen communication app - type and speak out loud
  • Symbols - Full screen communication app - select symbols and speak out loud
  • Mouse - Mouse control app - fully simulates a physical mouse

You can download any (or all) of these versions from the Download section of the new website

During the install you will be asked which eye tracker (or mouse) you wish to use, and which language you require. If you customised the settings of your previous version of Optikey, then the first time you run the new application(s) you will need to apply these settings changes again. The old version (v2) of Optikey will also be installed on your computer, so once you are happy with your new (v3) Optikey application(s) then you can uninstall the old version of OptiKey.

Optikey, including the older v2 and four new v3 applications, remains free. Forever.

If you require an older (pre v3.0.0) release of OptiKey, they are all still available from here: Releases

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