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Dictionary management

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To open the Management Console either right click on Optikey itself (not the icon in the taskbar) and select to open the management console from the context menu that opens, or with Optikey selected press 'ALT' and 'M' on your keyboard (physical or on-screen if using a tablet), then select the 'Dictionary' tab at the top. You can interact with the Management Console using either Optikey's mouse and keyboard emulation, or a physical mouse and keyboard.

Management Console Dictionary tab

  1. Add new entry: Type a new dictionary entry (word or phrase) and click the 'Add' button to include in the dictionary. Click 'OK' to persist your changed.

    N.B. Unless the word is a proper noun, or should always be capitalised, the new entry should be in lower case.

  2. Delete existing entry: Click the 'Delete' button next to any entry that you wish to remove from the dictionary. Click 'OK' to persist your changed.

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