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System requirements

K McNaught edited this page Nov 5, 2019 · 13 revisions

Optikey should work on a Windows pc/laptop/tablet that is capable of running the .Net 4.6 Framework (this does not include Windows RT tablets), which should be any version of Windows from Vista SP2¹ up to Windows 10.

Your device should be relatively modern/capable, but high end computer specs are not required by Optikey.

If you are using an eye tracking device your pc/laptop/tablet will need to meet the minimum requirements of your eye tracker's software. These are typically more than enough for Optikey to run flawlessly.

¹ Having said that, I am aware that in Windows 7 (and presumably earlier) Optikey may have some problems staying on top of every other window, and running in full screen mode for the Conversation keyboard.

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