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Word settings

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To open the Management Console either right click on Optikey itself (not the icon in the taskbar) and select to open the management console from the context menu that opens, or with Optikey selected press 'ALT' and 'M' on your keyboard (physical or on-screen if using a tablet), then select the 'Words' tab at the top. You can interact with the Management Console using either Optikey's mouse and keyboard emulation, or a physical mouse and keyboard.

Management Console Words tab

  1. Language: The dictionary used when auto-completing words and generating multi-key selection matches.

  2. Auto space between words: Whether a space will be automatically injected between words.

  3. Auto capitalise words: Whether the Shift key will be automatically pressed to capitalise the first letter of the next word when a new sentence is detected.

  4. Auto complete words: Whether suggestions will be generated to complete an in-progress word.

  5. Maximum number of dictionary matches: How many word matches will be generated for a multi-key selection.

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