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Supported eye trackers

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Optikey supports the following eye trackers...

Low cost eye trackers:

¹ All Tobii eye trackers must be used with the Tobii Eye Tracking Core Software (previously the Tobii EyeX Engine) available for download here

² The PCEye Go must have firmware version 1.1.5 or later - see Using the PCEye-Go-tracker

³ The EyeTech TM5 is not currently supported, but instead it can be used to control the cursor position which can in turn can control Optikey, as shown in this video:

⁴ The myGaze Client application must be running for Optikey to be able to use these trackers. This is NOT required for The Grid and other software. If you do not have this application please email me and I can share the installer with you (it is too large to host on GitHub). Alternatively you can use myGaze to emulate mouse control and configure OptiKey to listen to the mouse position.

Other eye trackers:

Other input methods:

Optikey is designed to be used with an eye tracker, but you do not need one.

If you have an eye tracker which isn't yet fully supported, you may be able to use mouse emulation to control Optikey.

You can also control Optikey with a standard mouse, or use a webcam if you want to try it out.

Adding full support for new eye trackers may be possible - if you have an unsupported tracker then get in touch and I will see what I can do: