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Change selection method

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Optikey supports a number of selection methods to select a key or select a point on the screen (when controlling the mouse). If you've been following this guide then we've been using the fixation method from the 'Type your first word' section, where you dwell over a key for a period of time until the selection is made.

Selections can also be made using a keyboard key or a mouse button. Use this selection method if you want to use accessibility switches & buttons, software which can simulate a key press via your webcam (such as the free Switch Viacam), breath-operated controllers ("sip and puff"), or any device which can simulate a key stroke or mouse click.

N.B. I have not tested Optikey with accessibility devices so your mileage may vary, but I would be very happy to hear your feedback and fix any problems that you encounter.

You can also combine different methods to, for example, use fixations when selecting keys, but a keyboard key when making point (mouse) selections.

  1. To change the selection method open the Management Console (with Optikey focussed press ALT + M) and select the "Pointing & Selecting" tab.

  2. Under "Selection" you'll see "Key selection source" and "Point selection source". The former is the setting to change the way keys are selected, whilst the latter is the setting to change the way points are selected when controlling the mouse.

  3. When you change either method you will be shown other associated settings, for example if you select that you would like the "Key selection source" to be "Keyboard Key" then there will be a setting to change which key is used (and likewise for "Mouse button").

Try it out - change the "Key selection source" to "Keyboard key" and select which key you want to use to make selections. Click "OK" to save your changes (and restart Optikey), then direct your attention to a key and press your chosen keyboard key once to make your selection.

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