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Cannot open Management Console

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Two things need to happen for the Management Console to open:

  1. Optikey must have focus - it will be highlighted on the taskbar when it has focus, but if you are unsure just click on Optikey to focus it.

  2. Press the 'ALT' key and the 'M' key at the same time - to do this hold down 'ALT' and then press 'M' once. If the console is still not opening then check that you do not have any modifier keys pressed/locked down as they will interfere with you pressing ALT + M. Release any down modifier keys (Shift, Ctrl, Win, or Alt). More info on modifier keys can be found on the 'Simulate a physical keyboard' page.

Alternatively use the right click context menu:

If you have Optikey v2.2.3 (or later) you can right click anywhere ON Optikey (NOT on the icon in the taskbar) and select 'Open Management Console'.

Problem with the latest version of the Tobii EyeX software:

If you are using a Tobii tracker with EyeX software version (or later) then the ALT key may change which application is focussed as the EyeX software has a built in window selection action ("Mouse Warp") which interferes with the Management Console shortcut (ALT+M). There are 2 possible work arounds;

  1. Disable "Mouse Warp" and ensure the "Mouse warp on click" and "Mouse clone" both have their keys set to "No Key". You might have to reset the EyeX settings (from Settings -> About) and reboot your computer for these settings to correctly take effect.

  2. If you require "Mouse Warp" to be on then make sure you are looking at the keyboard, or at Optikey when the ALT key is pressed as part of the ALT+M shortcut. This will make sure that Optikey keeps focus and the shortcut works correctly.

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