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Other settings

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To open the Management Console either right click on Optikey itself (not the icon in the taskbar) and select to open the management console from the context menu that opens, or with Optikey selected press 'ALT' and 'M' on your keyboard (physical or on-screen if using a tablet), then select the 'Other' tab at the top. You can interact with the Management Console using either Optikey's mouse and keyboard emulation, or a physical mouse and keyboard.

Management Console Other tab

  1. Show splash screen on startup: Enable/disable the welcome splash screen which shows for a few seconds when Optikey starts.

  2. Check for updates on startup: Enable/disable the automatic check for newer versions of Optikey. If update checks are enabled, and an update exist, then a splash screen is displayed for a few seconds to prompt you to download the new version.

  3. Disable keyboard simulation while mouse keyboard is open: This setting controls whether keyboard simulation is automatically disabled upon entering the mouse keyboard. This is useful as if keyboard simulation is activated and modifier keys such as SHIFT, CTRL, ALT, or WIN are currently down then any mouse actions can be impacted. For example CTRL + mouse left click is not the same as just left clicking. To avoid problems this setting is on by default, but can be deactivated if you intend to combine keyboard keys with mouse actions.

  4. Debugging mode: Enable/disable debugging mode, which displays the current capture rate of the position source, the points detected during a multi-key capture, and turns on verbose logging, which is helpful when debugging problems with Optikey.

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