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Alternative keyboard layouts

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Optikey has support for users who may not have the accuracy, or desire, to use full keyboard layouts. Optikey offers a number of alternative keyboard layouts/styles:

Simplified Keyboard layout

Simplified alpha keyboard

This makes the main alpha (letters) keyboard look as above. You can choose from groups of 3 letters, which then expand to let you type letter by letter. This layout can be enabled from the Management Console:

How to enable the simplified alpha keyboard

Picture boards using CommuniKate

CommuniKate keyboard

Optikey supports picture boards in the form of CommuniKate boards. Full details are here:

Alphabetical keyboard layout

Alphabetical alpha keyboard

If more traditional keyboard layouts are unsuitable for you then you can use an alphabetical layout. This is enabled in the same way as the above layouts, by selecting "Use alphabetical keyboard layout".

N.B. The above layouts are only available when the Keyboard language in English (UK, US, or Canadian).

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