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Get started

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First steps...

Optikey is available for Windows (see the Requirements page for more).

  1. Download Optikey using the Download ⇩ link on the right of this page, in the menu.

  2. Run the file and follow the prompts to install Optikey.

  3. Start Optikey.

  4. Read 'Typing your first word' and follow along to start using Optikey. Also check out the video section.

  5. Unleash the power of Optikey by reading the rest of the user guides, which are listed on the right of this website.

Progressing to use an eye tracking device...

  1. You will need a computer/laptop/tablet that meets the minimum requirements of your chosen eye tracker. Very broadly speaking you will need at least an Intel i5 processor, at least one USB 3.0 port (USB 2.0 will not work with most tracking devices, although I think you may be able to use the Tobii REX over USB 2.0) and a screen size large enough to be used comfortably (13-15" minimum) and no more than 24" (although it may be possible to use a larger screen if Windows is limited to only cover 24", e.g. when using Parallels to run Windows on a Mac).

  2. Purchase one of the low cost eye tracking devices. I would recommend the Tobii EyeX tracker or Eye Tribe tracker, but the full list of supported eye tracking devices can be found here.

  3. Follow the steps on the 'Using eye trackers' page which guide you through the process of setting up your tracker to work with Optikey.

  4. Have fun controlling your computer and speaking using only your eyes. If you have time please consider sending me an email to let me know how you are finding Optikey - your feedback is invaluable.

If you are unsure which computer/laptop/tablet to purchase and are considering spending a lot of money then please email me - I can offer personal advice on how to target the sweet spot between cost and performance (and screen size).

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