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Smart Screen or Virus Scanner warnings

K McNaught edited this page Nov 5, 2019 · 2 revisions

When I try to install or run Optikey on Windows 8 (or above) I see a Smart Screen warning saying that Optikey is an unrecognised and potentially dangerous application.

Due to the fact that Optikey is a new application Windows will consider it an unknown entity for a little while and warn people installing it that it may not be trustworthy. Don't worry - it doesn't mean that the installer you are using has been compromised. Click "MORE INFO" and then "RUN ANYWAY" and the installation/run will continue normally. I expect this warning to go away as Optikey matures and Windows starts recognising it as a "safe" application.

When I try to download, install or run Optikey my virus scanner complains that Optikey may be a virus

It isn't. Some overly zealous virus scanners mistake the keyboard simulation logic in Optikey for a keylogger, but there is no nasty stuff in the code (which is all available anyway as the project is 100% open-source).

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