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K McNaught edited this page Nov 5, 2019 · 9 revisions

This is an open source project and I would love for there to be a community of volunteers around Optikey. I have a list the length of my arm with ideas, features and improvements. Here's a sample;

  • Add support for more languages (dictionaries, as well as localising Optikey)
  • Animate the last chosen word near where the user is currently looking. This would reduce the amount of times the user has to glance up to the scratchpad to check the last word.
  • Support for accessible buttons, sip/puff tubes, brain potential detection, and lots of other human interfaces
  • and lots more...

If you are interested in helping to push this project forward please email me at, or if you are a software dev please take a look at the current set of issues on the GitHub issue tracker.

Thank you!

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