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FastQuery(Method of fast database query) 基于Java语言. 他的使命是:简化Java操作数据层.做为一个开发者,仅仅只需要设计编写DAO接口即可,在项目初始化阶段采用ASM生成好实现类. 因此,开发代码不得不简洁而优雅.从而,大幅度提升开发效率.

  • Updated Dec 8, 2019
  • Java
vaibhav-kaushal commented Jan 20, 2017

QCubed's documentation from a new developer's perspective is not good, or complete. Lot of effort is required for documentation - for explaining features and telling new developers how things are done in this framework. To tell them nifty tricks, shortcuts, methodologies and at time, flaws of QCubed.

Experience so far

I have personally tried to do what I can with Documenting. When I came i

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