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ManuelGil commented Oct 15, 2018

Due to the amount of traffic coming from countries that do not speak English, it is necessary to update or create an appropriate documentation so as not to alienate non-English speaking users.

I'm mostly looking for translations in the following languages, but I'll also happily accept any others as well:

daniel-pastalab commented Nov 29, 2021

When set RelaunchAfterUpdate=true a line with the application is added to to the update .sh file to run after update.
On linux (MANJARO, ZSH) a command or command prefix is needed to run the executable like:

dotnet app.dll
or if packed into an linux app:

So the idea is to be able to set a RelaunchAfterUpdatePrefix that will be added before the RelaunchAfterUpdate like `

The web 3.0 (that came from Ethereum, IPFS and TheGraph) is replacing the web 2.0, and Web3Updater will put it also on OS/app updates! As Web3Updater can be used in any product to manage updates (such as Electron apps), it also uses itself to update itself (meta-language).

  • Updated Nov 28, 2021
  • Shell

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