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Analysis for Use Cases


This page is to present samples and analysis of the feature to add use cases to Umple. This is the first phase of implementing various different requirements capabilities.

Search for relevant issues in the issues list, where this topic may be covered too.

Phase 1: Samples of syntax that we intend to allow and metamodel elements

Declaration of an actor

actor regularUser;

Umple metamodel for representing actors

class Actor {

Declaration of the existence of a use case. id can be any identifier to be used to describe the use case

usecase usecaseid {}

Declaration in a class, interface, trait, etc.

class X {
  implements usecaseid;

Declaration of the relationship between a use case and an actor

usecase usecaseid {
  doneby  regularUser;

Metamodel entries for use cases

class UseCase {
  * -- * Actor;
  * -- * UmpleClassifier implementingUseCases;
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