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First, you need to make a public / private key for the ralph user. From your machine

  ssh-keygen -t rsa

Save the file as ralph_id_rsa, for example:


The public key will look like

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAuww/fGhWparkmCAbRk0NOLsQS0NXVGoU0pLB2QaCY+TZbUnN4OBc8Co7g0JXeHzc0LJGZTX5vZEUuo7kTrJneatqSMoIMo7Q1Rd8gKsLh/7G8Db0UVotukUDIuAhNnkyGC2znh5tiqcywE2BpdAwvlPXGfr7sHILTI04aH/H6hJ8DizpbyJo3Ghi2ZmdSp8l8z/qIagYCsL/6FzDVH4ujJA9GkeQ/e2ogw8HRryXIzxdE8xK5OLwQxGGLmdmNeCljyRyTMtJ16CTWFjlOSE43LwHEkqWid6BHBAL2XDfaIyoi7kFqZPZfieQ2wOt1HLIF6BoOob5yC10yjeY58ixnw== aforward@Gondor.local

Then copy the into the authorized_keys on the server

  vi ~/.ssh/authorized_keys  

Now you should be able to log in as ralph without providing a password.

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