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Installing Capistrano

We created a capistrano task for deploying cruise control the server. From umple_configs, you simply type (this only needs to be run once per "server", and is left here for documentation purposes should you need to configure another CC server).

cap install:cc

Under the hood this does the following:

    cd /h/ralph/umple_configs/src/ && unzip cruisecontrol-bin-2.8.4
    cd /h/ralph/umple_configs/src/cruisecontrol-bin-2.8.4/ && mv config.xml config.xml.original
    ln -fs /h/ralph/umple_configs/src/cruisecontrol-bin-2.8.4 /h/ralph/umple_configs/bin/cc
    ln -fs /h/ralph/umple_configs/config/cc_config.xml /h/ralph/umple_configs/bin/cc/config.xml
    mkdir /h/ralph/umple_configs/bin/cc/logs/Umple

In essence, unzip the file, overwrite the config files based on umple_configs and create the necessary project directories.

The CC config.xml

The first file of interest is the config.xml, which is stored in the umple_configs under ./config/cc_config.xml. As of April 5, 2011, it contained the following. Note this was later changed to use git.

  <project name="Umple" buildafterfailed="no">

      <currentbuildstatuslistener file="/h/ralph/umple_configs/bin/cc/logs/Umple/status.txt"/>

      <antbootstrapper anthome="/h/ralph/umple_configs/bin/ant" buildfile="/h/ralph/umple_configs/config/bootstrap_umple.xml" target="bootstrap" />

    <modificationset quietperiod="30">
      <svn localworkingcopy="/h/ralph/umple/trunk"/>

    <schedule interval="300">
      <ant anthome="/h/ralph/umple_configs/bin/ant" buildfile="/h/ralph/umple/trunk/build/build.xml" target="build" />

      <merge dir="/h/ralph/umple_configs/bin/cc/logs/umple"/>
      <merge dir="/h/ralph/umple/trunk/dist/cruise.umple/qa" />
      <merge dir="/h/ralph/umple/trunk/dist/sandbox/qa" />

        <artifactspublisher dest="/h/ralph/umple_configs/bin/cc/artifacts/" dir="/h/ralph/umple/trunk/dist/"  />


This has two configuration files of interest, the bootstrap (chicken before the egg issue) and the actual build script.

The Bootstrap Build

We created a bootstrap XML file to update the source code so that we get the correct "build.xml" script when building the latest version.

This is available under


This does little more than "update" the source code on the repository so that the remote "build.xml" is the latest and greatest the next upcoming build. I prefer to separate the downloading of the code from the building, as you really want the local builds to behave almost identically to the remote builds.

<project name="UmpleBootstrap" default="bootstrap" basedir="/h/ralph/umple_configs/config" >
    <property name="project.dir" value="/h/ralph/umple/" />
    <import file="bootstrap_umple.xml" />

    <target name="revert">
      <echo>Reverting any local modifications</echo>
      <exec executable="svn" dir="${project.dir}">
          <arg line="revert -R ." />

    <target name="bootstrap">
        <antcall target="revert" />
        <echo>Updating source from Subversion</echo>
        <exec executable="svn" dir="${project.dir}">
            <arg line="up" />

The Build

This delegates to a master build.xml file (/h/ralph/umple/trunk/build/build.xml), which is checked in to the code base and should be "runnable" locally.

As we add more projects, more tests, more metrics, etc - this build.xml file will grow and change - but the rest of CC should remain relatively consistent.

The Server

Available at, but currently only the "dashboard" is what we are using.

What is Missing

  • Configuring email notifications when things break
  • Ensuring test data / reports are available for review. This is partially available, only a somewhat raw and unreadable summary is available