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Each UCOSP participant is asked to log all their accomplishments as well as the difficulties they have getting set up to understand Umple and other experiences they have. Difficulties might include understanding how to model in Umple, using UmpleOnline, code that is difficult to figure out, and development tools that are hard to figure out, or don't seem to work properly. The more log entries added the more we can better get a grip on the usability issues with Umple, and the more we can help future new contributors come up to speed.

Log entries in reverse chronological order

May 16th

Added Issue 567 (on Google Code).

May 15th

Reverted Glossary change due to it breaking the tests when run in Eclipse.

May 12th

Added Issue 563 (on Google Code).

May 10th

Removed unused Pair class in r4021 (on Google Code). Removed unused CodeFileWriter interface in r4023 (on Google Code).

May 9th

r4016 (on Google Code): Made Glossary a singleton, and updated the related getGlossary calls in cruise.umple/src/ and cruise.umple/test/.

May 6th

Committed r4002 (on Google Code) and r4004 (on Google Code) refactoring code in Main_Code.ump. I removed some static state, reformatted the file, and removed the print/println/printerr functions, replacing them with just System.out.print, System.out.println, and System.err.print.

Some of the tests were depending on the console output being stored to a file as well as being printed, so I changed the relevant tests to intercept System.out and System.err and make assertions based on the output.

May 1st

Committed r3966 (on Google Code). Removed unused classes in Plugin.ump, ActionResponse, and ErrorItem. Removed an unused member in GrammarAnalyzer.

April 21st

Replaced usage of FileManager with SampleFileWriter and removed FileManager in r3907 (on Google Code).

Removed unused classes Type, SimpleType, ReferenceType in r3914 (on Google Code), removed unused class SemanticException in 3916.

April 18th

Made refactoring commits for Umple code, notably in the Parser: r3899 (on Google Code), r3900 (on Google Code).

April 17th

Made several refactoring commits for core Umple code, notably in UmpleFile and ExtraCode: r3896 (on Google Code), r3897 (on Google Code), r3898 (on Google Code).

April 11th

Added the USESupport page.

April 10th

Fixed Issue 538 (on Google Code) in r3885 (on Google Code).

April 7th

Reported Issue 538 (on Google Code) for personal reference.

April 4th

Committed r3863 (on Google Code) to make progress on Issue 487 (on Google Code). Changed USEGenerator to use UmpleTemplate and use external associations, added a unit test.

April 3rd

I have the USE generator working with external associations now. Still need to write unit tests to describe the functionality.

April 2nd

Started converting the USE generator to use the new templating language. Still have to work on the code formatting and adding unit tests.

March 28

Added support for slightly simplified USE associations in r3810 (on Google Code). This was partially deciphering the Association and AssociationVariable machinery and partially studying the USE grammar.

March 27

Working on USE associations. I'm able to parse them, but now am trying to understand the existing Association code so I can adapt it to the USE association tokens.

March 24

Looking into why the USE extension to the grammar isn't working in UmpleOnline. Set up a local instance of UmpleOnline to debug it without involving the build server. Found it was because UmpleOnline appends a "// End_of_model" comment, and inline comments were not part of the USE grammar. r3772 (on Google Code) fixes this in the diagram shown but only allows generation of USE code from the USE code; the others produce the same error.

March 21

More work on Issue 529 (on Google Code). Added simple attributes to USE classes in r3757 (on Google Code).

March 20

Changing from using a separate grammar to working the USE grammar into the Umple main grammar (Issue 529 (on Google Code)). Added in r3753 (on Google Code).

March 19

Removed Velocity from build process and removed the USE generator that used it, in preparation for using the other template language in r3741 (on Google Code)

March 18

Have an idea for why the unit test I wrote for the USE Importer is failing. RuleBasedParser uses some static variables internally to optimize the tests (and not have to parse the rules every time). Sent an email to umple-dev about it.

March 14

Struggling with writing a test case to describe the added functionality.

March 13

Implemented transforming USE files with empty classes into the Umple model. Works on the command line.

March 12

Looked through the usage of the custom EBNF grammar to see how to apply it to the USE language.

March 7

Created Issue 529 (on Google Code) describing the work in the USE extension to UmpleImporter.

March 6

Made progress on Issue 349 (on Google Code), adding the Ruby part of it in r3652 (on Google Code). Started looking into the UmpleImporter code for ECore; I should be able to reuse a large part of it; getting a parser for USE will be the hard part.

March 5

Made progress on Issue 349 (on Google Code), adding the PHP part of it in r3647 (on Google Code).

Feb 28

Made progress on Issue 349 (on Google Code), adding the Java part of it in r3576 (on Google Code).

Feb 19

Attempted work on Issue 349 (on Google Code), but was too ambitious with changes and ran into problems.

Feb 13

Committed r3472 (on Google Code), r3473 (on Google Code) (reverting the previous revision), and r3474 (on Google Code), adding the changes and fixing the issues.

Feb 9

Submitted Issue 504 (on Google Code). Submitted Issue 508 (on Google Code). Submitted patch which was committed as r3451 (on Google Code).

Feb 8

Submitted patch, added in r3427 (on Google Code) to make progress on Issue 457 (on Google Code).

Feb 7

Submitted issue 500 (on Google Code).

Jan 21 2014

Submitted issue 489 (on Google Code).

Jan 17 2014

Successfully built Umple on the command line, and attended the introductory Google Hangout. Submitted issue 486 (on Google Code).

Jan 6 2014

Andrew Forward created this initial entry for Cody