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Ecore generator, importer and validator are provided in Umple repository. However, they are at different stages of development. People want to work on Ecore should read and edit this wiki page.

Ecore validator

Development status

The functionality is completed. It is under Eclipse project cruise.umple.validator and the source code is called Validator_Ecore.ump.

It simply uses the same validator as Ecore editor so that it should guarantee to product correct validation result. Therefore, the unit test case is mainly testing whether the result is matched when using different inputs (e.g. null String, non-XML String, Not existing file)

Input & Output

The validator supports 3 types of input:

  • java.lang.String (String containing Ecore model)
  • org.eclipse.emf.common.util.URI (Link of the resource file)
  • java.nio.file.Path (Path locating a file in local file system)

The output is a boolean value indicating whether the specified item is valid or not.

How to use it

  1. Include project cruise.umple.validator in Java Build Path
  2. Use UmpleEcoreValidator.getInstance() to get the instance of Ecore Validator
  3. Call UmpleEcoreValidator.validate() to validate items

(Since it is not included in umplevalidator.jar yet, you have to compile source code yourself.)

Future Development

  • Support error messages indicing why and which line get the error