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Building the Eclipse Plugin (done at every release)

At every release a new version of the Eclipse plugin should be created. People can also create it on their own if they wish to take advantage of updated changes. Instructions on releasing are here

Currently, the Umple build process does not support the automatic build of Umple Eclipse plugin. This has been created as an issue in the Gradle project. Until there is no automatic build process in Ant or Gradle, the following steps should be followed to build the Umple Eclipse plugin.

  1. Download the latest version of Eclipse and run it. You need to do this if you want to make sure the plugin will work on the latest version of Eclipse. Make sure to install and run the Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers for these steps.

  2. Import the following three projects found in the Umple git repository into the Eclipse environment: (For each, use the menu item 'Open Projects from File System; use the Directory button to browse, and then select 'Finish') the main plugin which has a copy of umple.jar in. a feature project required to build the plugin. a folder which is generated automatically in the build process and used to install the plugin online.

  3. Replace the umple.jar file in the project with the latest version of the Umple compiler (download from the Github release page, rename it as umple.jar, drag and drop it, and select 'Overwrite').

  4. open plugin.xml in and change the version of the plugin in the tab overview to be consistent with the current release.

  5. open feature.xml in and change the version of the feature in the tab overview.

  6. select the tab included plugin-ins inside the file feature.xml and remove the old plugin and add the new one specified in Step 4 (scroll down until appears). Set the Version too.

  7. open site.xml in and remove the old feature in the tab site Map (select Remove from the popup menu). Then select UmpleEclipsePlugins and add the new feature (specified in Step 5) to the same hierarchy.

  8. click on Build All in the tab site Map.

  9. The whole updated website files will be created and can be seen inside

  10. Replace the content of the Umple Eclipse plugin's update site (in the cruise server) with the content of (to do this, zip the directory, ftp to the cruise server and replace it)

  11. It is done. The final step is to install and test. Instructions to install are here: Installing Eclipse plugin