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Participants: Pierre Boutillier, Pierre Courtieu, Hugo Herbelin, Pierre Letouzey, Ludovic Patey, Yann Régis-Gianas, Arnaud Spiwack, Enrico Tassi.

Points discussed for integration to Coq 8.5

  • New tacticals
  • Enrico's branch with asynchronous evaluation of commands
  • Universes polymorphism
  • Optimised representation of projections
  • Caching heavy computation done at tactic time
  • New Coqdoc
  • Many deep changes in Coqide
  • Other minor points

New-tacticals (Arnaud)

  • Arnaud says that current changes from Pierre-Marie's on cleaning the tactic interpretation module ( improves his tactic engine (slow down reduced from +15% to +10% by modifying interp_match)

  • Benchmarking contribs:

    • JordanCurve is extremely slow, probably because of tauto
    • 40 contribs not compiling; reasons include:
      • ml4 to update
      • makefile problems (e.g. -j3 sometimes failing)
      • change of the semantics of refine:
        • now leaves dependent goals as explicit goals
        • use of the pattern-matching compilation algorithm makes the insertion of extra lets
  • Arnaud reminds the new features: "all:", tactical "+", "once", a native "refine", a ";" which backtracks on evars

  • Hugo says he often needs more bullet levels in proofs; the following proposals were discussed but no consensus was found:

    • stick with the current situation and force user to use brackets or lemmas when the 3rd level is reached
    • add --, ---,

    , ..., ++, +++, ... ,*, ... (but how to hack the lexer for that, in particular in coqide?)

    • add 9 extra levels --, -+, -, +-, ++, +, -,+, **
    • make the spacing between beginning of line and "-", "+", "*" relevant and expect an inner level to be more indented than the previous one

Asynchronous lazy evaluation of commands (Enrico)

  • Environment of commands (lib_stk) is now a dag instead of a list
  • "Undo" is discontinued; backtracking is done using "Backto"
  • "admit" is implemented with a fixed global constant of type False
  • There is a flag to force evaluation old-style
  • New infrastructure to manage side-effects such as "Abstract"

Full polymorphism of universes (Matthieu)

  • Kernel checks universes, does not infer them any longer
  • Constants carry a list of universes
  • Pretyping and tactic engine changed to carry universe constraints
  • Constants can be declared polymorphic or not
  • No global slow down, but slow down can arrive locally when setting some constants polymorphic
  • Open problem: adapting the vm

Ad hoc representation of projections in the code (Matthieu)

  • In code, projections do not any longer takes parameters of the inductive type as arguments
  • Open problem: adapting the vm

Hack for not doing intensive computations both at proof time and qed time (Enrico)

  • Introduction of a new CACHEcast acting as a certified computation done in some environment and reusable without verification in any extension of this environment
  • Code revised and approved by Bruno

Coqdoc (Yann)

  • No time to discuss but should be ready for 8.5

All points discussed are agreed for integration to Coq 8.5

Miscellaneous discussions

Reduction of vo size with modules (Letouzey)

Obtained by represention "M:=N" in an algebraic way in

Introduction of a proper intropattern notation for injecting an equality on the fly (Hugo)

Syntax "[=pat1 ... patn]" has been approved

Compilation of user contributions and test-suite

Pierre Boutillier reminds that several contribs and tests fail to compile in 8.3, 8.4 and trunk

  • Hugo acknowledges his responsibility of contribs failures for trunk (most failures related to his ongoing work on the new injection pattern; RelationAlgebra related to the management of aliases in pattern-matching)
  • Failure in 8.4 is related to "Arguments" being finally too strict and to a change in ssreflect.ml4 on June 28
  • Failure of test in 8.3 is apparently related to a change in nametab
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