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Coq Call 2019 11 06

Emilio Jesus Gallego Arias edited this page Nov 13, 2019 · 14 revisions

November 6th at 4pm Paris time. Add topics you would like to see discussed.



  • 2 steps:

    • Emergency fix: forbid template polymorphic universes to even appear in the constructors or constraints. Morally, the universe would be irrelevant if the inductive was seen as a Polymorphic Cumulative Inductive. Remaining question: Is Prop instantiation really ok?
    • For 8.12: remove template poly and switch key container inductives to polymorphic cumulative (Nicolas has a branch doing that partially already, ref
  • Devs in CI should have tests for notations/output: probably in a file doing About on some representative theorems / Show in proofs. Maybe instrumentation of coq_makefile to handle these tests could help.

  • 8.11 going smoothly apart for the lovely soundness bug above. Some steps of release plan are unclear and need to be documented

  • Guillaume mentionned which is blocking, we're asking Arthur and Emilio will finish and review and provide patches to allow opt-in into vos.

  • PR do all branches at once or none. The only disadvantage we see is when using blame on github. But we AGREED TO DO IT! Bye bye tabs.

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