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Coq Call 2019 09 25

Emilio Jesus Gallego Arias edited this page Nov 13, 2019 · 1 revision
  • 8.10 and Arthur's bug (@mattam82)

    • ask Nicolas Tabareau about trying with univalence for free to see if notypeclasses refine's new semantics is worth it.
  • Depreciation of local hints added into core (#10559) Does NOT mean that core is deprecated (yet) Backward compatible fix is to add : core.

  • Quick update on MetaCoq (@mattam82)

  • 8.11 release management: setting the dates (@ppedrot and @mattam82) Stick to 6 month, and be careful about communication.

  • VSCoq beta testing, when is it ready to advertise / work with at scale?

    • release will happen this week (one click install)
  • vos/voi/vok: what's the status?

Be careful about the dune / Make blockers (test-suite and native files), (coqchk?) Plan B would be to use make only for the test-suite

  • Review/update of the Nantes WG schedule

    • Tuesday afternoon:

      Morning talk by Damiano Mazza. Hugo won't be there.

      • SProp + UIP with ppedrot and skyskimmer
      • PR reviewing and discussion time?
    • Wednesday:

      • Multiverses / handling sorts (Gaëtan, PMP, Matthieu, Hugo)
      • Reals (Vincent Semeriva, Cyril and Kazuhiko remotely, maybe Bas remotely)
      • CI (what do we test? Allowed failures? Enrico) Do we have the right tools?
      • Ltac2 ? Binding ? (Hugo and PMP)
      • CoqMT reloaded (Maxime, Matthieu, Nicolas, Bas?, P-Y will be there in Nantes)

    Alexis Saurin will be there

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