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Coq 8.7 has a few incompatibilities with 8.6. We list the main sources of changes

Changes in Coq file

  • Change in the representation of constants in library Reals
    • Typical consequences: 4 is not any more 2*2, 3 is not any more 2+1, -1 is now different from -(1)
    • expressions of the form (-x)%R hide a non-simplifiable coercion IZR; they do not simplify anymore; instead unfold IZR; rewrite <- INR_IPR
    • auto with real now solve all inequations between constants (e.g. 5<=7)
  • Fix of rewrite ... in *

Changes in plugin

There are may changes documented in dev/doc/changes.txt. The one empirically requiring the most updating are the following:

  • New level of abstraction EConstr, documented in dev/doc/econstr.md. Typical changes to do in plugins:
    • replacing open Term with open EConstr
    • add a sigma to various functions now expecting it, e.g dependent (for old-style goals, get a sigma with Tacmach.project)
    • replacing kind_of_term with kind sigma
    • replacing Constr.equal with EConstr.eq_constr sigma
    • change pr_lconstr into pr_leconstr
    • change fold_constr with for_constr sigma
  • Few changes in the representation of constr_expr and related
    • CLetIn has now an explicit argument for the optional type
    • LocalRawAssum and LocalRawDef are now CLocalAssum and CLocalDef
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