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Wish list for graphical user interfaces

See also CoqIDEWishes.

Please complete or add comments or add stars "*" to vote for features.

Miscellaneous features

  • Proof-by-pointing features (Pcoq's spirit) using right-clic:
    • right-clicking on constants would propose "unfold",
    • moving equality statements in hypothesis to goal or other hypothesis with a left or right move would rewrite the given hypothesis,
    • selection of subterms by clicking on main symbol or by full selecting?
    • ability to mark hypotheses to which the next induction will apply
    • ...
  • Support for easy goal switching?
  • Use tab to indent proofs
  • A graphical advanced search windows for driving SearchAbout.
  • Support for easy selection of structural features (definitions, terms, subterms, identifiers...)?
    • could be a separate view (see below)
    • pcoq can do this
    • Alfa (agda1) also does this: it's deeply integrated with its natural language support.
  • Support for queries by right-clicking constants or selected expressions? what about a tooltip (if you keep the pointer on a constant more than 3 seconds, it displays its type, definitions...)
  • Key or right-click for making explicit hidden information (coercions, implicit arguments, notations, ...) on selected subterms.
  • Automatically expand unnamed intros into intros with explicit names
  • Automatically compile .v if necessary when 'Require' are evaluated
  • Allow partial evaluation of ; sequences as in Matita : for example evaluating only T1;T2 in the sequence T1;T2;T3 without writing T1;T2. T3.
    • could be a switchable option, useful for debugging complex proof scripts.
    • what about other tacticals?
  • Reflect the tree structure of the proof into a tree widget to allow hiding parts of the proof.
    • most procedural proof scripts don't have much of a tree structure. does this apply to proof-terms, declarative proofs or what?
  • Support for natural language explanations in proofs?
    • useful for beginners
    • coq 6.* and pcoq had this
    • alfa integrated this with support for 2D views
    • declarative proofs may make this unnecessary
      • but need some means of converting from proof terms (Matita does this) or procedural proof scripts
    • drawback: full natural-language proofs quickly become overwhelming
      • Alfa supports hybrid representation: use symbols for low-level manipulation, natlang for the higher-level structure

Graphical notations

  • Support for 2-dimension notations?
    • pcoq and alfa/agda1 have some support for this
    • as a convention, every notation of the form ^* could be written as an exponent and every part of an ident ended by _digits or


  • Diagram representation in Penrose
  • Structured editing in Deuce
  • The SerAPI library for machine-to-machine interaction with Coq
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