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Coq Call 2019 12 11

Emilio Jesus Gallego Arias edited this page Dec 11, 2019 · 7 revisions


  • no meeting next week, we will have Coq working group instead.

  • vos and vio coexistence: (Arthur and Gaëtan)

  • documentation for coq-vscode: is there one? plans for one? (Arthur suggested key bindings)

  • how to organize the schedule of online meetings (for those who are only concerned by one or two points)

    people can add their constraints, should be up to the person responsible for the schedule

  • rewriter-perf on pendulum (Maxime)

    • what should be done about it?
    • how come a 12h test reached this infrastructure, and was activated by default?

    we will remove it from the defaults; also we will open a ticket to investigate Jenkins upgrades and configuration tweaks.

  • A few stuck PRs:

    PRs needed to support 4.10 => discussion at WG

    Just needs some time to be solved.

    No real need, other than inconvenience, closing.

    It seems nametab registration and libobject should not be tied, we recommend closing in favor of a different approach.

  • Towards an improved quoting mech (Emilio , c.f.

    Isabelle has a very powerful quoting mech [it can for example add ml:(...) stuff in the middle of tactics; Emilio would like to extend the quoting mech for Coq; this may be related with the open pretyper. We discussed a bit, for next WG [not the one in December] we will try discuss more.

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