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Notes on the release process of Coq 8.11

Jim Fehrle edited this page Oct 7, 2019 · 3 revisions

Notes on the release process of Coq 8.11

Time-based release cycle

Tentative schedule:

  • November 1st: branch v8.11
  • December 1st: version 8.11+β1
  • January 1st: release

Items to include in the release

jfehrle: - Fix output for "Printing Dependent Evars Line" - waiting for @ejgallego to do a final review since early August, only minor changes since then and low-risk. I suppose @herbelin and @ppedrot won't feel a need to review this. - Show diffs in "Show Proof." - I've been working on a smarter way of doing diffs for this case. If I get that working by say, October 14, I'd like to get that in 10.11. And if not, I'll submit the current code, which is a useful but lesser step. - Show diff highlights in the Show, Show and Show commands. Needs some routine changes. I'd like to get this in, too.

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