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Find is a software that each time a WiFi-enabled device conducts a scan of nearby access points, it will recieve a unique identifier of the access point and a signal strength that correlates with the distance to the access point. A compilation of these different signals can be compiled into a fingerprint which can be used to uniquely classify the current location of that device.

To get it to work with openHAB, you need both, clients and a FIND server. Find will become available as an installation option in openHABian.

FIND client is available for Android only (sorry to IPhone users). Retrieve FIND client app through Play Store (search for “find hypercube”).

Have a look at the install instructions at .

Retrieve FIND server from Github. For a Raspberry Pi, select the arm binaries. If your Pi has WiFi and you want to use it as a client for learning, too, then also retrieve and install the fingerprint client from this page.

A note on using a Pi as a learning client:
In order to 'train' the FIND server (i.e. to 'learn your house') it usually does not make much sense to use a Pi because usually you actually don't move a Pi that's connected to mains power, meaning you can just learn a single 'location' (the room it is installed in). To use a phone is easier. If you still want to use a Pi for this, remember to always use sudo.
If you encounter problems such as 14:27:35.615 scanWifi - INFO 008 Gathering fingerprint with '/sbin/iw dev wlan0 scan -u' 14:27:35.625 main - WARN 009 Scan failed, will continue after a rest then try sudo ./fingerprint -iwlist.

""NOTE"" this is a start to help with integration please feel free to edit and add more information.

MQTT binding

How to use MQTT Binding to get the data from FIND's mqtt server to OpenHAB

mqtt.cfg file


Running your own FIND server

You can run your own find server like this:

pi@tvpi:~/find $ ./find-2.1-linux-arm -mosquitto mosquittoPID -mqtt mymqttserver:1883/ -mqttadmin finduser -mqttadminpass findpasswd tvpi:8003

then it'll connect to a MQTT server on mymqttserver port 1883 with a 'mosquittoPID' being the process ID of the mosquitto server process, using credentials 'finduser' and password 'findpasswd'.

For usage in scripts, replace mosquittoPID above with `pgrep mosquitto`.

CAVEAT1: you need to start the findserver in the working directory where you have extracted the install zip package (or you need to move the data, too, to from where you want to start it) CAVEAT2: this working directory needs to be writable to the user you start it as and you also need another writable directory data inside.

If you're using mosquitto (probably everybody does, no?), you can add authentication using curl -X PUT "http://<yourfindserverip>/mqtt?group=YOURGROUP and then FIND will automatically manage the passwd file and restart mosquitto using a SIGHUP signal. You can also use mosquitto_passwd <passwordfile> finduser to add credentials. mosquitto_passwd ain't included in the Raspian mosquitto distribution, you need to g**gle where to find it. Find publishes to mqtt channel 'YOURGROUP/location/YOURUSER'. You can watch mqtt events like this: mosquitto_sub -v -h mymqttserver -p 1883 -t 'YOURGROUP/location/#'

openHAB items

You need to add the username of the person to track to get the information in. the JSONPATH will pull the current location.

location.items file

String	mqttfind_johndoe			"John Doe is @ [%s]"	(All)	{mqtt="<[find:YOURGROUP/location/USERNAME:state:JSONPATH($.location)]"}

Links to docs

Main Page : FIND

Github : FIND

MQTT Documentation : FIND

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A good source of inspiration and tips from users gathered over the years. Be aware that things may have changed since they were written and some examples might not work correctly.

Please update the wiki if you do come across any out of date information.

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