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Koubachi Binding

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Documentation of the Koubachi binding bundle


The Koubachi Services help everybody without a green thumb to be a perfect gardener. All plants can be registered on their really nice website (or through iPhone/iPad App) to tell you when and how to care for your plants. Furthermore they offer a dedicated hardware, the WIFI Plant Sensor. This wireless device measures vital parameters and determines the vitality of your plants.

Koubachis' slogan "give your plants a voice" becomes reality with this binding. It queries all relevant data through Koubachi's webservice and pushes it into openHAB.

For installation of the binding, please see Wiki page Bindings.


Before using the Koubachi services one has to register free of charge at Koubachi-Labs website for API access. Once the account is created the credentials and personal appKey can be obtained from the portal. Both values have to be specified in openhab.cfg.

Binding Configuration


The following config parameters have to be set for using Koubachi binding:

  • (optional) koubachi:refresh - The refresh interval in milliseconds. Defaults to 900000ms (which equals to 15 minutes)
  • (optional) koubachi:deviceurl - The Koubachi API URL of the device list. Defaults to '$s&app_key=%2$s'
  • (optional) koubachi:planturl - The Koubachi API URL of the plant list. Defaults to '$s&app_key=%2$s'
  • koubachi:credentials - The single access token configured obtained from
  • koubachi:appkey - The personal appKey obtained from


################################ Koubachi Binding #####################################

# The single access token obtained from

# The personal appKey obtained from

Generic Item Binding Configuration

In order to bind an item to a Koubachi resource query you need to provide configuration settings. The easiest way to do this is to add some binding information in your item file (in the folder configurations/items`). The syntax for the Koubachi binding configuration string is as follows:

koubachi="<device | plant>:<resourceId>:<propertyName>"

You can also bind to the action types in the Koubachi API using the keyword "action" and then the action type.


What actions can actually be performed on a specific plant depends on the type of Koubachi device used.

Here are some examples for valid binding configuration strings:


Valid property names are

for Device Resource type

  • virtualBatteryLevel (Number)
  • ssid (String)
  • hardwareProductType (String)
  • lastTransmission (!DateTime)
  • nextTransmission (!DateTime)
  • associatedSince (!DateTime)
  • recentSoilmoistureReadingValue (String)
  • recentSoilmoistureReadingTime (!DateTime)
  • recentSoilmoistureReadingSiValue (Number) (available since 1.9)
  • recentTemperatureReadingValue (String)
  • recentTemperatureReadingTime (!DateTime)
  • recentTemperatureReadingSiValue (Number) (available since 1.9)
  • recentLightReadingValue (String)
  • recentLightReadingTime (!DateTime)
  • recentLightReadingSiValue (Number) (available since 1.9)
  • recentSoiltemperatureReadingValu (String) (available since 1.9)
  • recentSoiltemperatureReadingTime (!DateTime) (available since 1.9)
  • recentSoiltemperatureReadingSiValue (Number) (available since 1.9)
  • soiltemperaturePollingInterval (Number) (available since 1.9)
  • recentIrlightReadingValue (String) (available since 1.9)
  • recentIrlightReadingTime (DateTime) (available since 1.9)
  • recentIrlightReadingSiValue (Number) (available since 1.9)
  • hardwareProductGeneration (String) (available since 1.9)
  • hardwareProductName (String) (available since 1.9)

for Plant Resource type

  • name (String)
  • location (String)
  • lastFertilizerAt (!DateTime)
  • nextFertilizerAt (!DateTime)
  • lastMistAt (!DateTime)
  • nextMistAt (!DateTime)
  • lastWaterAt (!DateTime)
  • nextWaterAt (!DateTime)
  • vdmWaterInstruction (String)
  • vdmWaterLevel (Number)
  • vdmMistInstruction (String)
  • vdmMistLevel (Number)
  • vdmFertilizerInstruction (String)
  • vdmFertilizerLevel (Number)
  • vdmTemperatureHint (String)
  • vdmTemperatureInstruction (String)
  • vdmTemperatureLevel (Number)
  • vdmLightHint (String)
  • vdmLightInstruction (String)
  • vdmLightLevel (Number)

Plant actions

  • calibration.watered (Switch)
  • calibration.is_dry (Switch)
  • calibration.is_not_dry (Switch)
  • calibration.restarted (Switch)
  • water.performed (Switch)
  • mist.skipped (Switch)
  • mist.performed (Switch)
  • fertilize.skipped (Switch)
  • fertilize.performed (Switch)
  • put_into_light.performed (Switch)
  • put_into_shade.performed (Switch)
  • heat_plant.performed (Switch)
  • cool_plant.performed (Switch)

As a result, your lines in the items file might look like as follows:

DateTime	Device_00066680190e_AssociatedSince	"Assoc. since [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY %1$tT]"	<grass>	(Device_00066680190e)	{ koubachi="device:00066680190e:associatedSince" }
String		Device_00066680190e_Soilmoisture	"Soilmoisture [%s]"				<grass>	(Device_00066680190e)	{ koubachi="device:00066680190e:recentSoilmoistureReadingValue" }
String		Device_00066680190e_Temperature		"Temperature [%s]"				<grass>	(Device_00066680190e)	{ koubachi="device:00066680190e:recentTemperatureReadingValue" }
String		Hortensie_Name				"Name [%s]"					<grass>	(Hortensie)		{ koubachi="plant:129892:name" }	
Number		Hortensie_Mist_Level			"Mist Level [%.2f]"				<grass>	(Hortensie)		{ koubachi="plant:129892:vdmMistLevel" }	
Number		Hortensie_Water_Level			"Water Level [%.2f]"				<grass>	(Hortensie)		{ koubachi="plant:129892:vdmWaterLevel" }	
Switch		Hortensie_Fertilized			"Fertilization done"				<grass>	(Hortensie)		{ koubachi="plant:129892:action:fertilize.performed" }	

Example Rules

Koubachi remind the water level

To remind you to give your plant water use the following rule. First need the water level Item and some block Item to don't spam your self.


  String plant1_Water_Level "Water Level [%s]" <grass> (gPL) { koubachi="device:00066672ef98:recentSoilmoistureReadingValue" }
  Switch plantbswitch90 (gPL)
  Switch plantbswitch80 (gPL)
  Switch plantbswitch70 (gPL)
  Switch plantbswitch60 (gPL)
  Switch plantbswitch50 (gPL)
  Switch plantbswitch40 (gPL)
  Switch plantbswitch30 (gPL)

Following this two rules


    rule "water level"


    Item plant1_Water_Level received update


var level = plant1_Water_Level.state

if (plant1_Water_Level.state.toString.matches("9. %") && plantbswitch90.state == OFF{
sendMail("", "Zamioculcas_zamiifolia", "I am well!My water level is " + level,           "")
sendCommand(plantbswitch90, ON)
sendCommand(plantbswitch80, OFF)
sendCommand(plantbswitch70, OFF)
sendCommand(plantbswitch60, OFF)
sendCommand(plantbswitch50, OFF)
sendCommand(plantbswitch40, OFF)
sendCommand(plantbswitch30, OFF)

if (plant1_Water_Level.state.toString.matches("8. %") && plantbswitch80.state == OFF ){
sendMail("", "Zamioculcas_zamiifolia", "I am still well! My water level is " + level ,"")
sendCommand(plantbswitch80, ON)
sendCommand(plantbswitch90, OFF)

if (plant1_Water_Level.state.toString.matches("7. %") && plantbswitch70.state == OFF ){
sendMail("", "Zamioculcas_zamiifolia", "I am still well!My water level is "  + level ,"")
sendCommand(plantbswitch70, ON)

if (plant1_Water_Level.state.toString.matches("6. %") && plantbswitch60.state == OFF ){
sendMail("", "Zamioculcas_zamiifolia", "I am still well!My water level is " + level ,"")
sendCommand(plantbswitch60, ON)

if (plant1_Water_Level.state.toString.matches("5. %") && plantbswitch50.state == OFF ){
sendMail("", "Zamioculcas_zamiifolia", "Next I need water!My water level is " + level ,"")
sendCommand(plantbswitch50, ON)

if (plant1_Water_Level.state.toString.matches("4. %") && plantbswitch40.state == OFF ){
sendMail("", "Zamioculcas_zamiifolia", "I need water! Please give me water. My water level is"  + level ,"")
sendCommand(plantbswitch40, ON)
if (plant1_Water_Level.state.toString.matches("3. %") && plantbswitch30.state == OFF ){
sendMail("", "Zamioculcas_zamiifolia", "I realy need water! Please give me water ore i will        di.  My water level is "  + level ,"")
sendCommand(plantbswitch30, ON)


    rule "set switch to off at start"


System started


sendCommand(plantbswitch90, OFF)
sendCommand(plantbswitch80, OFF)
sendCommand(plantbswitch70, OFF)
sendCommand(plantbswitch60, OFF)
sendCommand(plantbswitch50, OFF)
sendCommand(plantbswitch40, OFF)
sendCommand(plantbswitch30, OFF)

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