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Release Notes of openHAB version 1.0

openHAB Release 1.0

Version 1.0 includes many new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Here is a detailed list of what this release brings on top of the previous openHAB 0.9.1:

New & Noteworthy

Version 1.0.0

Major features:

  • native Andoid client available - HABDroid!
  • new Persistence support is available with implementations of db4o, rrd4j, and Logback logging
  • Server-side chart support through rrd4j including a new Chart widget for the UIs
  • Image widget now supports automatic refreshs
  • new Video widget for video streams
  • new Setpoint widget to easily allow numeric item adjustments
  • new Webview widget for integration of external content
  • Issue 70: Bonjour/MDNS discovery support
  • Support for timers, i.e. the possibility to schedule the execution of a block of code for a later point in time from within scripts or rules
  • Issue 37: Presence Simulation
  • new ConfigAdmin binding
  • new Dropbox bundle
  • new Novelan Heatpump Binding (thanks to Philipp Bolle for this contribution)


  • Fritzbox binding now refreshes its connection every night, so that it recovers from blocked sockets
  • KNX response timeout is now configurable
  • upgraded target platform to Juno (4.2)
  • upgraded build to Tycho 0.15.0
  • Group items can now contain items from different sources (e.g. different items files)
  • added new rule action to store and restore item states in a rule context
  • added NAND and NOR group functions to calculate group item states
  • added HTTP PUT and DELETE rule actions and enhanced API to support sending content and contentType
  • KNX read requests are now resent (a configurable number of times) after timeout
  • added Jodatime to script/rule language to allow powerful data/time calculations
  • Mail action now supports popBeforeSmtp
  • Issue 81: openHAB instance generates a unique ID during first launch
  • Issue 82: Access to openHAB version for client APPs
  • Issue 86: Extend HttpBinding to support numeric commands (eg. !PercentType for !RollerShutter)
  • Issue 88: SNMP: implementing handling for numbers
  • Issue 62: Support streaming mode in the REST API for item/widget status changes
  • KNX data types for electric current and brightness are now supported
  • added new !LogAction to log to the "normal" log files in rules/scripts
  • added new Ping Action which allows to check the vitality of given hosts in rules/scripts
  • removed demo files from runtime zip and provided an additional demo zip
  • XMPPConnection now provides a proxy configuration to support GTalk properly (thanks to Phillip Bolle for this contribution)

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User Interfaces



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Application Integration



A good source of inspiration and tips from users gathered over the years. Be aware that things may have changed since they were written and some examples might not work correctly.

Please update the wiki if you do come across any out of date information.

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