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Spell checking for foreign languages

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Spell checking for foreign languages

The openHAB Designer is based on the open source project eclipse. This software features spell checking for english words by default. But foreign word are marked with a red underlining, with looks bad and is irritating.

Fortunately, you can add a user defined dictionary very easily.

  • search the internet for a free dictionary in your language
    Here is a german one:
    the dictionary is simply a long list with one word per line
  • copy the dictionary file to any folder
    e.g. d:\openHAB Designer\addons\
  • start the openHAB Designer
  • right-click somewehre in a open file and select "Preferences"
  • got o General | Editors | Text Editors | Spelling
  • Click on "Browse..." and select your dictionary
  • Click "OK" and restart the Designer

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