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Overview of available transformation services

Exec transformation service

The Exec transformation service will pass a value to an external program. The output of the program is used as the transformed value. A placeholder of %s is used to pass the value to be transformed to the external program.

Example item configuration:

http="<[ %s)]" }

Example in rules:

transform("EXEC", "/absolute/path/to/my/program %s", "foo bar baz")

The program must either be in the executable search path of the openHAB server or an absolute path can be used.


Turn on DEBUG logging for package in logback.xml.

Java Script transformation service

OpenHab supports transformation scripts written in Javascript.

Example item configuration:

http="<[]" }

Example in rules:

transform("JS", "getValue.js", "foo bar baz")

Let's assume we have received a string containing foo bar baz and we're looking for a length of the last word (baz).


// Wrap everything in a function
(function(i) {
        array = i.split(" ");
    return array[array.length - 1].length;
// input variable contains data passed by openhab

Map transformation service

Example of MAP transform inside a rule to translate weather condition:

String wuToday "Heute: [MAP(]" {weather="locationId=home-WU, forecast=0, type=condition, property=commonId"}

To translate the commonID to german using the supplied MAP file use the following command in the rule:

var String wetter = transform("MAP","",wuToday.state.toString)

Important: The input variable has to be of type String!

Scale transformation service

Example item configuration:

Number WuUvCode "UV Level [SCALE(uvindex.scale):%s]"

uvindex.scale in transform folder :


Calling it in a rule :

var Number r = transform("SCALE", "uvindex.scale", WuUvIndex.state.toString)

RegEx transformation service

The Regex transformation service matches a string against a regular expression with at least one capturing group. The first capturing group becomes the result of the transformation. Note that the provided regular expression will be anchored at the beginning and end of the string ("^" and "$" will be added around the provided expression).

Example item configuration:

Returns the string.
http="<[*))]" }

Extract a integer (e.g., "Result: 123" ==> "123")
http="<[*?([0-9]+).*)]" }

Example in rules:

transform("REGEX", "STATUS=(.*)", "STATUS=OK")

XPath transformation service

tbd ...

XSLT transformation service

tbd ...

For samples see here.

JSONPath transformation service

As with XPath, for XML data, JSONPath allows direct query of JSON data.

To test your JSON Transformations, here are some interactive JSONPath tools:

JSONPath Examples

// Test JSONPath
rule "Test JSONPath"
when Time cron "0 * * * * ?"
  var String json = '{"store":{"book":[{"category":"reference","author":"Nigel Rees","title": "Sayings of the Century", "price": 8.95  } ],  "bicycle": { "color": "red",  "price": 19.95} }}' 
  var test = transform("JSONPATH","$[0].author", json)

As an example Outback MATE3 Solar controller produces the following JSON:

{"devstatus": {
"Sys_Time": 1423858028,
"Sys_Batt_V": 50.5,
"ports": [
{ "Port": 1, "Dev": "GS","Type": "60Hz","Inv_I_L1": 1,"Chg_I_L1": 0,"Buy_I_L1": 0,"Sell_I_L1": 0,"VAC1_in_L1": 15,"VAC2_in_L1": 0,"VAC_out_L1": 113,"Inv_I_L2": 2,"Chg_I_L2": 0,"Buy_I_L2": 0,"Sell_I_L2": 0,"VAC1_in_L2": 3,"VAC2_in_L2": 0,"VAC_out_L2": 114,"AC_Input": "Gen","Batt_V": 50.0,"AC_mode": "NO AC","INV_mode": "Inverting","Warn": ["none"],"Error": ["none"],"AUX": "disabled","RELAY": "disabled"},
{ "Port": 2, "Dev": "GS","Type": "60Hz","Inv_I_L1": 0,"Chg_I_L1": 0,"Buy_I_L1": 0,"Sell_I_L1": 0,"VAC1_in_L1": 16,"VAC2_in_L1": 0,"VAC_out_L1": 114,"Inv_I_L2": 0,"Chg_I_L2": 0,"Buy_I_L2": 0,"Sell_I_L2": 0,"VAC1_in_L2": 3,"VAC2_in_L2": 0,"VAC_out_L2": 113,"AC_Input": "Gen","Batt_V": 49.6,"AC_mode": "NO AC","INV_mode": "Inverting","Warn": ["none"],"Error": ["none"],"AUX": "disabled","RELAY": "disabled"},
{ "Port": 4, "Dev": "CC","Type": "FM","Out_I": 0.0,"In_I": 0,"Batt_V": 50.6,"In_V": 25.1,"Out_kWh": 15.5,"Out_AH": 281,"CC_mode": "Silent","Error": ["none"],"Aux_mode": "Manual","AUX": "disabled"},
{ "Port": 5, "Dev": "CC","Type": "FM","Out_I": 0.0,"In_I": 0,"Batt_V": 50.6,"In_V": 22.2,"Out_kWh": 23.6,"Out_AH": 433,"CC_mode": "Silent","Error": ["none"],"Aux_mode": "Manual","AUX": "disabled"},
{ "Port": 6, "Dev": "FNDC","Enabled": ["A","B"],"Shunt_A_I":  -10.3,"Shunt_A_AH": -62,"Shunt_A_kWh":  -3.120,"Shunt_B_I": -0.1,"Shunt_B_AH": 11,"Shunt_B_kWh":  0.580,"SOC": 96,"Min_SOC": 70,"Days_since_full": 42.1,"CHG_parms_met": false,"In_AH_today": 731,"Out_AH_today": 608,"In_kWh_today":  39.520,"Out_kWh_today":  30.890,"Net_CFC_AH": -52,"Net_CFC_kWh":  -2.570,"Batt_V": 50.5,"Batt_temp": "14 C","Aux_mode": "auto","AUX": "disabled"}

To pull the battery State of Charge (SOC) using JsonPath:

Number	Battery_Charge	"Battery Charge"	(Solar)	{http="<[http://{ip}/Dev_status.cgi&Port=0:30000:JSONPATH($.devstatus.ports[?(@.Port==6)].SOC)]"}

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