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Below you'll find an example configuration for the squeezebox binding to select different radio stations.


Here you'll need to configure your players; please make sure that the id's match the name of your logitech configuration. Do not use special characters for the player id.

### Squeezebox
squeeze:server.host     =

squeeze:Bad.id          = 00:04:20:28:65:c7
squeeze:Bastelzimmer.id = 00:04:20:29:62:0e
squeeze:Buero.id        = 00:04:20:29:a7:27
squeeze:Kueche.id       = 00:04:20:28:65:91
squeeze:Schlafzimmer.id = 00:04:20:2a:37:4b
squeeze:TV.id           = 00:04:20:23:52:3c
squeeze:Wohnbereich.id  = 00:04:20:2a:3b:21


/* SqueezeBox */
Number squeezeSelectedPlayer
Number squeezeSelectedStation
Switch squeezePlay

Switch squeezeBadPower           "Bad" <squeeze> (gPlayerPower, gPlayerPowerOG) { squeeze="Bad:power" }
Switch squeezeBadPlay            "Bad"                                          { squeeze="Bad:play" }
Dimmer squeezeBadVolume          "Bad [%.1f %%]" <volume> (gPlayerVolume)       { squeeze="Bad:volume" }

Switch squeezeBastelzimmerPower  "Gästezimmer" <squeeze> (gPlayerPower, gPlayerPowerOG) { squeeze="Bastelzimmer:power" }
Switch squeezeBastelzimmerPlay   "Gästezimmer"                                          { squeeze="Bastelzimmer:play" }
Dimmer squeezeBastelzimmerVolume "Gästezimmer [%.1f %%]" <volume> (gPlayerVolume)       { squeeze="Bastelzimmer:volume" }

Switch squeezeBueroPower         "Büro" <squeeze> (gPlayerPower, gPlayerPowerOG) { squeeze="Buero:power" }
Switch squeezeBueroPlay          "Büro"                                          { squeeze="Buero:play" }
Dimmer squeezeBueroVolume        "Büro [%.1f %%]" <volume> (gPlayerVolume)       { squeeze="Buero:volume" }

Switch squeezeSchlafzimmerPower  "Schlafzimmer" <squeeze> (gPlayerPower, gPlayerPowerOG) { squeeze="Schlafzimmer:power" }
Switch squeezeSchlafzimmerPlay   "Schlafzimmer"                                          { squeeze="Schlafzimmer:play" }
Dimmer squeezeSchlafzimmerVolume "Schlafzimmer [%.1f %%]" <volume> (gPlayerVolume)       { squeeze="Schlafzimmer:volume" }

Switch squeezeTVPower            "TV" <squeeze> (gPlayerPower, gPlayerPowerEG, gTV) { squeeze="TV:power" }
Switch squeezeTVPlay             "TV"                                               { squeeze="TV:play" }
Dimmer squeezeTVVolume           "TV [%.1f %%]" <volume> (gPlayerVolume)            { squeeze="TV:volume" }

Switch squeezeKuechePower        "Küche" <squeeze> (gPlayerPower, gPlayerPowerEG) { squeeze="Kueche:power" }
Switch squeezeKuechePlay         "Küche"                                          { squeeze="Kueche:play" }
Dimmer squeezeKuecheVolume       "Küche [%.1f %%]" <volume> (gPlayerVolume)       { squeeze="Kueche:volume" }

Switch squeezeWohnbereichPower   "Wohnbereich" <squeeze> (gPlayerPower, gPlayerPowerEG) { squeeze="Wohnbereich:power" }
Switch squeezeWohnbereichPlay    "Wohnbereich"                                          { squeeze="Wohnbereich:play" }
Dimmer squeezeWohnbereichVolume  "Wohnbereich [%.1f %%]" <volume> (gPlayerVolume)       { squeeze="Wohnbereich:volume" }


	import org.openhab.core.library.types.*
	import org.openhab.model.script.actions.*
	import org.openhab.action.squeezebox.*

	// Handle squeezebox radio station UI
	rule "SqueezePlayerRadioStation"
		Item squeezePlay changed
		Item squeezeSelectedStation changed
		Item squeezeSelectedPlayer changed
		logInfo("squeeze.rules", "SqueezePlayerPlay")
		var String [] players = newArrayList("Bad", "Bastelzimmer", "Buero", "Schlafzimmer", "TV", "Kueche", "Wohnbereich");
		var String[] urls = newArrayList(
		  "http://stream.srg-ssr.ch/drs1/mp3_128.m3u", // Radio SRF1
		  "http://stream.srg-ssr.ch/drs2/mp3_128.m3u", // Radio SRF2
		  "http://stream.srg-ssr.ch/drs3/mp3_128.m3u", // Radio SRF3
		  "http://www.swissgroove.ch/listen.m3u",      // Swiss Groove
		  "http://icecast.argovia.ch/argovia128.m3u",  // Radio Argovia
		  "http://stream.srg-ssr.ch/rsj/mp3_128.m3u",  // Swiss Jazz
		  "http://mp3-live.swr3.de/swr3_m.m3u"         // SWR 3

		logInfo("squeeze.rules", squeezeSelectedStation.toString)
		var stationIndex = ((squeezeSelectedStation.state as DecimalType).intValue - 1)
		var station = urls.get(stationIndex) as String;
		var playerIndex = ((squeezeSelectedPlayer.state as DecimalType).intValue - 1) 
		var player = players.get(playerIndex) as String
		logInfo("squeeze.rules", player)
		logInfo("squeeze.rules", station)
		if (squeezePlay.state == ON) {
		  squeezeboxPlayUrl(player, station)
		} else {


#squeeze.sitemap sitemap { Frame label="System" { Text label="Audio" icon="squeeze" { Frame label="Alle" { Switch item=gPlayerPowerAll label="EG & OG" Switch item=gPlayerPowerEG label="EG" Switch item=gPlayerPowerOG label="OG" Group item=gPlayerPower label="Ein / Aus" { Switch item=squeezeBadPower Switch item=squeezeBastelzimmerPower
Switch item=squeezeBueroPower
Switch item=squeezeSchlafzimmerPower
Switch item=squeezeTVPower
Switch item=squeezeKuechePower
Switch item=squeezeWohnbereichPower
} Group item=gPlayerVolume label="Lautstärke" { Slider item=squeezeBadVolume switchSupport
Slider item=squeezeBastelzimmerVolume switchSupport Slider item=squeezeBueroVolume switchSupport Slider item=squeezeSchlafzimmerVolume switchSupport Slider item=squeezeTVVolume switchSupport
Slider item=squeezeKuecheVolume switchSupport Slider item=squeezeWohnbereichVolume switchSupport } Slider item=gPlayerVolume label="Lautstärke" } Frame label="Einzeln" { Selection item=squeezeSelectedPlayer label="Gerät" mappings=[1="Bad", 2="Gästezimmer", 3="Büro", 4="Schlafzimmer", 5="TV", 6="Küche", 7="Wohnbereich"] Selection item=squeezeSelectedStation label="Sender" mappings=[1="SRF 1", 2="SRF 2", 3="SRF 3", 4="Swiss Groove", 5="Argovia", 6="Swiss Jazz", 7="SWR 3"] Switch item=squeezePlay label="Stop / Play" mappings=[OFF="Stop", ON="Play"]

				Switch item=squeezeBadPower           visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==1]				
				Switch item=squeezeBastelzimmerPower  visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==2]
				Switch item=squeezeBueroPower 	      visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==3]
				Switch item=squeezeSchlafzimmerPower  visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==4]
				Switch item=squeezeTVPower 			  visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==5]
				Switch item=squeezeKuechePower 		  visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==6]
				Switch item=squeezeWohnbereichPower   visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==7]
				Slider item=squeezeBadVolume switchSupport 		    visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==1]
				Slider item=squeezeBastelzimmerVolume switchSupport visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==2]
				Slider item=squeezeBueroVolume switchSupport 		visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==3]
				Slider item=squeezeSchlafzimmerVolume switchSupport visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==4]
				Slider item=squeezeTVVolume switchSupport 		    visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==5]
				Slider item=squeezeKuecheVolume switchSupport 		visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==6]
				Slider item=squeezeWohnbereichVolume switchSupport 	visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==7] 			

Trouble shooting

If you have also some issues with the example feel free to check the current discussion: https://community.openhab.org/t/wiki-squeezeboxexample-errors-cannot-cast-cannot-retrieve-item/5488

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