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Samples Sitemap Definitions

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Samples for Sitemap definitions

How to define a setpoint widget for a normal number item

Setpoint item=Temperature_Setpoint label="Setpoint [%.1f °C]" step=0.5 minValue=15 maxValue=30

How to refresh an image periodically (every second)

Image url="" refresh=1000

arranging items:

You may find descriptions like:

    Frame label="Demo" {
         Text label="Group Demo" icon="1stfloor" {
                Switch item=Lights mappings=[OFF="All Off"]
                Group item=Heating
                Group item=Windows
                Text item=Temperature
         Text label="Multimedia" icon="video" {
                Selection item=Radio_Station mappings=[0=off, 1=HR3, 2=SWR3, 3=FFH, 4=Charivari]
                Slider item=Volume
  • This means that you want a frame with a visual label "Demo". Then, inside the frame you want two elements:
  • An item called Group Demo with 1stfloor icon that contains 4 items.
  • The first one is the group Lights, that has a mapping. It means that when it receives a value of OFF, it might show a "All off" text.
  • The second one will be the Heating group.
  • etc.
  • An item called Multimedia with icon video. It has two elements:
  • The Radio_station item that has several mappings
  • The Volume item, shown as an Slider.

For more info about other options have a look at the demo.sitemap file.

How to make a link

First define the link somewhere in an items file:

String MY_LINK "<a href='http://link.example/'>Here is a link!</a>"

then add it in your sitemap:

Text item=MY_LINK

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