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Mpd Binding

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Documentation of the MPD binding Bundle


Music Player Daemon(MPD) is a flexible, powerful, server-side application for playing music. Through plugins and libraries it can play a variety of sound files while being controlled by its network protocol. By help of the openHAB MPD binding you can e.g. start/stop playing music in specific rooms / on various channels and change volume.

For installation of the binding, please see Wiki page Bindings.

Generic Item Binding Configuration

In order to bind an item to a MPD, you need to provide configuration settings. The easiest way to do so is to add some binding information in your item file (in the folder configurations/items`). The syntax for the Exec binding configuration string is explained here:


where the parts in [] are optional.

The Player-Id corresponds with the configuration in openhab.cfg where one has to configure the MPDs:


Here are some examples of valid binding configuration strings:

mpd="ON:bath:play, OFF:bath:stop"
mpd="INCREASE:bath:volume_increase, DECREASE:bath:volume_decrease"

As a result, your lines in the items file might look like the following:

Switch Mpd_Bathroom_StartStop	"Start/Stop"	(Bathroom)	{ mpd="ON:bad:play, OFF:bad:stop" }

Support for track names was added in 1.5 and also ability to set exact volume for dimmer items (previously only increase/decrease actions were available)

Example items:

String CurrentTrack    "Current track [%s]" { mpd="TITLE:bad:tracktitle" }
String CurrentArtist    "Current artist [%s]" { mpd="ARTIST:bad:trackartist" }
String ConcatInfo       "Now playing [%s]"

Switch Mpd_Bathroom_StartStop       "Start/Stop"   (Bathroom)  { mpd="ON:bad:play, OFF:bad:stop" }
Switch Mpd_Bathroom_NextPrev        "Track control"   (Bathroom)    { mpd="ON:bad:next, OFF:bad:prev" } 
Dimmer Mpd_Bathroom_VolumeControl   "Volume [%d%%]"       (Bathroom)  { mpd="INCREASE:bad:volume_increase, DECREASE:bad:volume_decrease, PERCENT:bad:volume" }

Sample rules (to concatenate artist and title):

rule "concat"
  Item CurrentTrack received update or
  Item CurrentArtist received update
  ConcatInfo.postUpdate(CurrentTrack.state.toString + " / " + CurrentArtist.state.toString)

Example sitemap:

Text item=CurrentTrack
Text item=CurrentArtist
Text item=ConcatInfo
Switch item=Mpd_Bathroom_StartStop mappings=[OFF="Pause", ON="Play"]
Switch item=Mpd_Bathroom_NextPrev  mappings=[OFF="Previous", ON="Next"]
Slider item=Mpd_Bathroom_VolumeControl

Find song in MPD database by title and play this song

Example items:

Number PlayHappyBirthdays "Play Happy Birthday" <none> (All) { mpd="ON:playsong=HappyBirthdays" }

Example sitemap:

Switch item=PlayHappyBirthdays mappings=[ON="Play" ]

New features coming in 1.9

Support for playing song from current list. It can be used to choose radio station (streaming URI) from playlist defined

Example items:

Number CurrentRadioStation "Radio" <none> (All) { mpd="NUMBER:p1:playsongid" }

Example sitemap:

Selection item=CurrentRadioStation mappings=[1="ZET Chilli",2="Radio Kolor",3="Radio 7",4="Złote Przeboje",5="EskaROCK",6="RMF Classic",7="RMF Maxxx",11="ESKA",9="RMF",10="MUZO.FM",8="PR 3",12="TOK FM" ]

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A good source of inspiration and tips from users gathered over the years. Be aware that things may have changed since they were written and some examples might not work correctly.

Please update the wiki if you do come across any out of date information.

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