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SBGN Editor Call, January 29, 2016

Participants: Alex, Augustin, Huaiyu, Nicolas, Robin

Agenda and Minutes

SBGN spec

  1. PD spec
  • Alex: Equivalence glyph and grouping are missing in the spec.
  • Nicolas: This was voted after the Heidelberg hackathon Documentation_votes. The grouping feature is used widely by SBGN users.
  1. Spec consistency
  • Huaiyu: It was found that some definitions are not consistency among three specs, for example the NOT definition. It will be helpful to spend the effort to ensure the consistency of all specs.
  • Nicolas: Maybe also to create a user manual to inform people how to read the spec. It is important to keep all three spec in sync.
  1. Spec responsibility
  • Alex will take over the PD spec.
  • Huaiyu will continue the AF spec.
  • Augustin will continue the ER spec.
  • Nicolas will check the consistency across the three languages. He will report any inconsistencies to the SBGN editor list, and/or SBGN-discuss list.
  1. SBOL support

SBGN website

  • The wiki page is current hosted in EBI without any IT support.
  • Nicolas: Two main issues: content and host
  • Augustin: Already have a process to export all the content.
  • Nicolas: Probably should start a new wiki page from scratch. The current one is too complicated. It took SBML 1 year to switch. We can't afford any down time.
  • Huaiyu: We can disable the editing capability of the old site, keep it there. Start a new site and add all new content there. Then we can slowly move the old content over.
  • Nicolas: Many content is pre-SBGN, such as EPE and CellDesigner stuff. We may not want to migrate all content over.

This will be discussed further in the future.


  1. Future SBGN calls
  • For Feb, March and April, the call will be set for the last Friday of the month at the same time (9am LA, noon Boston and Toronto, 5pm Cambridge, 6pm Paris)

SBGN Competition

Not discussed, but will be in the next call.

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