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falafflepotatoe commented Aug 7, 2015

Small rant sorry...

You should mention somewhere that elements have to be hidden first then do ramjet.transform(), and use { done: => { }}... and also maybe that it doesnt like jquery elements.

If the docs do say that, my apologies, I couldn't find it

Reason is all your demos use hidden elements, but its not clear how to interact with a hidden element, and the effect doe

sieren commented Nov 3, 2019

We want to support MacOS Catalina with Synth One.
The MVP-Goal is to have a first running version of Synth One available in the App Store.
Further goals could be adding AUv3 support.

This document is supposed to track progress towards that goal.

Current state
I managed to get a build of Synth One running on Catalina, that produces audio output.
![Screenshot 2019-11-03 at 11 37 54](ht

danrbailey commented Jan 23, 2020

Modelled on OPENVDB_USE_BLOSC, it would be nice to introduce OPENVDB_USE_ZLIB that could be used to make the zlib compression library an optional dependency.

This should be added to the core library, the CMake build system and the OpenVDB Read SOP and should default to ON.

ndeebook commented Nov 27, 2019

When setting an environment key longer than 36 characters, it fails to launch job:
opencue.exception.CueInternalErrorException: Server caught an internal exception. Failed to launch and add job: Incorrect result size: expected 1, actual 0


import outline
job = outline.Outline(

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