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@dagar dagar released this May 10, 2020 · 99 commits to master since this release


PX4 v1.11.0 Beta 2
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@dagar dagar released this Apr 21, 2020 · 296 commits to master since this release

v1.11 Release Notes


  • New significantly improved Invensense IMU drivers that provide all raw data up to 8 kHz using SPI DMA.
    • rate controller can run up to 2 kHz (>= 4 kHz coming soon) by settingIMU_GYRO_RATEMAX
  • New multicopter hover thrust estimator (PR #13981)
  • Emergency Yaw recovery using EKF-GSF estimator (PR PX4/ecl#766)
  • Major sensor calibration improvements (Gyro, Mag, Level)

Main Features and Improvements

Migration Guide

  • DEPRECATED: VTOL is no longer supported in FMUv2 hardware


  • Enable SPI DMA adds centralized DMA map (PR #14207)
  • Move primary IMU to new InvenSense driver (PR #14356)
    • FMUv5, FMUv5x
    • ModalAI_fv-v1
  • Drivers CLI interface consolidation (PR #14386 )

System Architecture

  • Board config simplifications for SPI & I2C (PR #14221) and PWM timers (#13871)
  • Adds UAVCAN node cannode (PR #14148)
  • Adds CAN interface runtime (PR #14367)


  • New hover thrust estimator (PR #13981)
  • XYZ-synchronized motion in auto modes (diagonal climb)
  • New Notch filter (PR #13549)
  • Acceleration feedforward (PR #14212)
  • Mag power compensation (PR #14457, Docs)
  • Takeoff failure detection (PR #14428, Docs)
  • Horizontal velocity limit close to ground (PR #13561, Parameter)


  • Tiltrotor: Use tilt to accelerate the vehicle forward while in hover (PR #13779)
  • Weather vane improvements (PR #13782)
  • Active path and deceleration tracking during transitions (PR #14405)

Fixed Wing

  • Improved airspeed failure detection (PR #12353)
  • Enables fallback estimation without airspeed sensor. (PR #12887)


  • Major improvements to offboard control
  • Enable offboard attitude setpoints (PR #13323)
  • Enable offboard velocity setpoints (PR #13225)
  • Enable ActuatorControl setpoints in offboard mode (PR #13314)

Underwater Vehicles

  • New mixers for underwater vehicles Generic & HippoCampus (PR #14079)
  • New UUV default specific parameters and autostarting (PR #14079)
  • New Mixer for UUVs with X-shaped thruster configuration (PR #14079)
  • New uvv_att_control controller for UUV attitude control (PR #14079)

PX4/ECL - Estimators improvement

  • Emergency Yaw recovery using EKF-GSF estimator (PR PX4/ecl#766)

Onboard computer / middleware improvements

  • Adds ROS 2 Dashing and Eloquent support to the microRTPS bridge (PR #13907)
  • Adds time sync to the microRTPS bridge (PR #14297)


  • Smoother flight planning with improved repeatability (PR PX4/avoidance#555)
  • Bezier trajectory avoidance interface (PR #14279)
  • Bugfixes and improvements


  • Multi-Vehicle simulation with Gazebo
  • Adds support for multiple distance sensor instances. (PR #14143)
  • Adds support for UUV vehicles. (PR #14079)
  • Adds support for boats. (PR PX4/sitl_gazebo#409 )
  • Adds Catapult and Hand launch support for fixed-wing. (PR PX4/sitl_gazebo#393 )

Failsafe / Commander / Navigation improvements

  • New Hover Thrust estimator (PR #13981)
  • Commander, Navigator state clean-up (PR #14307)
  • Navigator fixes heading drift after takeoff (PR #13965)
  • Enable RC-Override in Take-off (PR #14022)
  • Takeoff failure detection (PR #14428)
  • Pre-flight check: Disable mag field strengh check via parameter (COM_ARM_MAG_STR) (PR #13766)


The release includes a change from NuttX-7.29 to NuttX-8.2
See NuttX release notes for the details of changes in NuttX-8.2 details.

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Mar 22, 2020
PX4 stable release v1.10.2

@LorenzMeier LorenzMeier released this Jan 21, 2020 · 2045 commits to master since this release

This point release reduces the CPU load on FMUv2/v3 targets by setting the default rate control loop executing speed to 400 Hz. The v1.10 release increases the default rate control speed from 250 Hz (v1.9 and before) to 1000 Hz (v1.10), which not all boards can sustain in terms of CPU speed.

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@dagar dagar released this Dec 17, 2019 · 2045 commits to master since this release

Release Notes


  • Multicopter 1 kHz rate loop (param IMU_GYRO_RATEMAX)
  • DShot ESC Support with Telemetry (PR #12854, Docs)
  • Cone-based RTL (Docs)
  • Significantly improved real time system performance
    • new work queue scheduling framework with a thread per physical bus
    • new C++ uORB API (faster, safer, and more memory efficient)
  • new RTF airframes
    • Holybro Kopis 2 (and KakuteF7 board)
    • Holybro S500
    • UVify Draco
    • UVify Draco-R
    • UVify IFO
  • NuttX RTOS upgrade with a number of important bug fixes and performance improvements

Additional Features and Improvements

Migration Guide

  • DEPRECATED: Throttle PID Attenuation (TPA) (PR #13208)


  • the rate controller now runs synchronized with the primary gyro
  • Rate integrator improvements (PR #12296)


  • VTOL front transition heading handling improvements (PR #12630)
  • RTL: By default enable return via landing pattern for deterministic back-transition (PR #12746)
  • VTOL GPS fix bank loiter (PR #12778)

Fixed Wing

  • initial support for new airspeed selector module capable of detecting airspeed sensor faults


  • Enable Offboard support for Rover position control

PX4/ECL - Estimators improvement

  • many bug fixes and robustness improvements
  • Mag inconsistency check (PR #12334)


  • UAVCAN sensor drivers for battery and optical flow

Computer Vision & Autonomy

  • Safe Landing Planner support
  • Collision Prevention Improvements


  • Simulation-In-Hardware (PR #11835, Docs)
  • jMAVSim headless/no-GUI option (jMAVSim PR #105)

Logging improvements

  • AUX1-RC-channel-based logging via SDLOG_MODE (PR #12100)
  • Logging of system bootup messages, and dmesg tool (on boards with enough RAM) (PR #11792)

Onboard computer / middleware improvements

Failsafe / commander improvements


The release includes a change from NuttX-7.28 to NuttX-7.29
See NuttX release notes for the details of changes in NuttX-7.29 details.

Included as backports are:

  • STM32F7 I2C state and interrupt storm fixes.
  • Serial Single wire mode has moved to NuttX
  • Fix for "z" in printf
  • kinetis:i2c transfer ensure correct result returned.
  • kinetis_i2c_transfer released the mutex then fetched the state, this resulted in returning the correct results.
  • STM32F4 and STM32F7 SD card hang on card eject fixed
  • STM32F7 ethernet add timeout on MAC reset

Updated Supported Hardware

  • Holybro Kakute F7 board support (PR #12440, Docs)
  • Kopis 2 Airframe configuration (PR #12549)

v.1.10.0 Changelog

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Dec 9, 2019
PX4 stable v1.10.0 third release candidate
Nov 27, 2019
PX4 stable v1.10.0 second release candidate

@mrpollo mrpollo released this Dec 13, 2019 · 2045 commits to master since this release


PX4 stable v1.10.0 first release candidate
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@mrpollo mrpollo released this Oct 23, 2019 · 2045 commits to master since this release


Follow the link for full changelog

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Oct 16, 2019
PX4 v1.10.0 beta 3
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