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@dctalbot dctalbot released this Sep 20, 2021

GoAlert v0.28.0

This release includes several new features in addition to general maintenance and bug fixes.

Many thanks to our new contributors!

Slack Improvements

On-Call notifications

You can now have GoAlert notify Slack channels of on-call changes on a schedule. Notifications can be configured for any change, or at specific times of the day.
notifications-menu-scaled notifications-dialog

Other Improvements

  • The config page now has a "Create New Slack App" button that will generate a Slack app manifest pre-filled with GoAlert config
  • Alert notifications after the first will be broadcast to the channel from a thread reply (#1566)
  • Alerts will now have status updates posted in-thread to the original notification message (#1785)

slack-manifest-scaled slack-thread-scaled

UI/UX Enhancements

  • Search behavior has changed to use a root-word-based search. For user name searching, a word prefix algorithm was implemented more information is available in the PRs (#1860, #1872)
    word-search user-search-scaled

  • Actions have been moved from the top bar to MUI card actions

  • Calendar toolbar has been updated and loading status added to the calendar

Webhook as a Contact Method

Users may now add webhooks as contact methods. They can be used similarly to email, SMS, and voice. More information can be found under "Using Webhooks" under /docs within the GoAlert application.

Must be enabled in the Admin -> Config page.

webhook-enable-scaled webhook-create-scaled

User Management UI

Based on feedback in our community slack channel, we implemented some in-app user management solutions:

  • Admins can create a user from the user list (#1536)
  • Admins can edit a user's role from the user profile (#1506)
  • Admins can delete a user from the user profile (#1493)



A new experimental gRPC API server is now included (disabled by default).

      --listen-sysapi string             (Experimental) Listen address:port for the system API (gRPC).
      --sysapi-ca-file string            (Experimental) Specifies a path to a PEM-encoded certificate(s) to authorize connections from plugin services.
      --sysapi-cert-file string          (Experimental) Specifies a path to a PEM-encoded certificate to use when connecting to plugin services.
      --sysapi-key-file string           (Experimental) Specifies a path to a PEM-encoded private key file use when connecting to plugin services.

Currently supported API methods are AuthSubjects and DeleteUser allowing an external tool to enumerate and delete/cleanup users. (e.g., compare OIDC users with an Active Directory server).

Protobuf definition and certificate information can be found under pkg/sysapi

Bug Fixes/Misc

  • Application Name can now be set to change the page title, in the future this will be applied to messaging as well (like SMS) (#1803)
  • Escalation policies can now be favorited (#1567)
  • Rotations in which a user participates more than once can now be re-ordered safely (#1478)
  • GraphQL v1 endpoint is now disabled by default (#1584)
  • Removed a race condition that allowed for duplicate overrides (#1594)
  • Accessibility: screen reader will no longer stutter on "Quick Links" (#1618)
  • Safari: fixed an issue rendering a user's contact method list (#1500)
  • Fixed an issue where searching by phone number could return duplicate user results (#1646)
  • Fixed an issue with the service label dialog form validation (#1635)
  • Querying for an integration key that doesn't exist would return an "unexpected error". It now returns null (#1640)
  • Many React class components converted to hooks
  • Began removing Material UI v4 deprecated props in anticipation of v5

Version Updates:

NateBigStone, wesley-dean-flexion, and 3 other contributors
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@m17ch m17ch released this May 12, 2021

GoAlert v0.27.0

This release has a lot of long-anticipated awesome new features and improvements! Most of the work of this release was done under the covers to enable these as well as new features currently in the pipeline.

Thanks to our new contributors @kanish671 and @phoenix6561 for help with the React Hooks conversions Issue #923

Temporary Schedules

Temporary schedules allow replacing the entire on-call schedule for a fixed timeframe. It should help situations where a team requires fine-grained control of on-call responsibility for a few days (e.g. peak week).

To get started using this feature, click the "Temp Sched" button from the schedule details page calendar:

A dialog will open allowing you to configure the time span of the schedule and associated shifts:
image image

Temporary schedules will appear green on the calendar:

Email (SMTP) as an User Contact Method

A new user contact method type EMAIL has been introduced. This allows an additional avenue for users to receive alert notifications.

The SMTP server details can be configured from the Admin page.

Prioritize Schedules on Escalation Policies

Schedules now appear at the top of the Edit Step dialog. Many users had trouble with overrides before realizing a rotation was used instead of schedule. This change was found to encourage users to use schedules (instead of rotations) when configuring a policy.


Prometheus Metrics

You can now enable Prometheus metrics at startup. This allows for monitoring some of the internals and health of GoAlert.

To enable, set the --listen-prometheus flag or the GOALERT_LISTEN_PROMETHEUS environment variable.

A new endpoint at <listen_address>/metrics will include:

  • Total number of created alerts
  • Number of in-flight HTTP server requests
  • Total number of requests by status code
  • Duration of outgoing HTTP requests
  • Number of active outgoing HTTP requests
  • Number of engine cycles
  • Engine cycle duration by module
  • GraphQL resolver method statistics
  • Sent notifications by contact method type and message type
  • Received response count by destination and response (e.g. ack, close, stop, start)

Contact Method Throttling

GoAlert now implements bucketed throttling of notifications, per contact method. This is to avoid spamming devices due to misconfiguration or a noisy/broken healthcheck.

For reference, new rules are:

Message Type Contact Method Type Rules
All All 1 per minute
Status All 1 per 3 minutes
3 per 20 minutes (burst)
8 per 2 hours
Alert SMS 5 per 15 minutes (burst)
11 per 1 hour
21 per 3 hours
Alert Voice 3 per 15 minutes (burst)
7 per 1 hour
15 per 3 hours

Bug Fixes/Misc

  • Updated GoAlert in-app documentation at /docs: Now supports rendering multiple markdown documents.
  • ui/schedules: monthly views are fixed to include the correct out-of-bounds shifts when viewing the schedule calendar.
  • ui/forms: fixed an issue where the schedule rule weekday filter couldn't be edited

Version Updates:

  • Golang 1.15.3 -> 1.16.4
  • Postgres 11 -> 13
  • Typescript 3.9.7 -> 4.0.3
  • Apollo 3.1.5 -> 3.3.15
  • Webpack 4.44.2 to 5.13.0
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@arurao arurao released this Nov 11, 2020

GoAlert v0.26.0

This release has a lot of bug fixes, cool new features, and hardening in prep for the peak season!

New Version Toast

A version check has now been added to GoAlert's UI that will display a persistent snackbar notification when a new version is detected.


Prometheus Alertmanager Support

A new integration key type for Prometheus Alertmanager has been added.

Config Enhancements

The config page has a new condensed/summary view to make finding items easier:

User Session Management

Users may now manage active login sessions from the profile page, including the ability to easily end/cleanup ones no longer used.
(Admin note: Initial last access time will start as the time of your deployment when introducing this feature.)


Full timestamps on Alerts List Page

A toggle was added to the alerts list filter to switch between displaying the duration since created or the full timestamp when created.


Phone Number in Use Enhancement

When adding a new contact method with a number that is already in-use, users will now have more helpful messaging with a link to the existing users' profile.


Alert Log Message Status

The alert log status entries will now indicate failures for things like provider "Twilio" is disabled.


Support for Warnings/Notices

A new notices API has been added within the GraphQL schema for a Notice. Currently, a notice will be displayed if an escalation policy is unused, in the future, this will be expanded to other common issues.

Notice Design

Test Message Delivery Status

A new status dialog has been added that displays real-time delivery details and the status of test notifications.


Other Improvements/ Bug Fixes:

  • Updated to Go 1.15.3, which adds the ability to embed TZ information as well as new vet rules
  • Updated Cypress to 5.5.0, which adds built-in test retries
  • User session cleanup - user sessions greater than 30 days are removed from the database
  • Arm Support was added, making it possible to build and publish multi-platform docker images for GoAlert.
  • Fix for an issue with RequireConfig where integration keys using Mailgun were always display as disabled, even if Mailgun is enabled.
  • Address validation fix for mailgun invalid recipient address would cause a 500 response instead of expected 406.
  • Updated gqlgen to 0.13.0 and error handling (e.g. validation error responses fixed)
  • Fixed goimports command in Makefile so that using go run ... will automatically pull the tool, as well as using the correct version, rather than requiring the user to install it manually.
  • Updated Makefile and Dockerfile to use embedded TZ data instead of relying on the system package. This was to resolve an issue where DST values were no longer calculated properly in TZ versions 2020b onwards (e.g. latest in the alpine build). This should help to ensure that binaries and container images are more consistent with regard to calculated times.
  • Added a section of recommended tools for development to the docs.
  • Updated the admin config page to use accordions for the individual sections.
  • Extended the alerts query by adding fields to AlertSearchOptions that allows for querying alerts by date.
  • Bug fix for Schedules > Shifts > Filter > Time Limit > Specify, now has the capability to backspace numerical values along with a conditional check defaulting users input values between 1-30 appropriately.
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@mastercactapus mastercactapus released this Jul 23, 2020

GoAlert v0.25.0

This release primarily focused on stability & refactor work, however there have been a number of welcome improvements and helpful new features too!

API Changes/Deprecation

While the /v1 endpoints have been deprecated for awhile, there is now a switch in the admin config to allow disabling the old /v1/graphql endpoint. It will be disabled by default in a future version, and removed completely in a yet further version.

Quick Links


On wide displays, links have been moved to the side to better use available screen space.

Carrier Lookup Tool


There is now a Toolbox page under Admin with a tool that will allow looking up carrier information about a phone number by an admin.
This is part of a collection of tools added to handle infrequent, but problematic, carrier filtering of SMS messages.

Send SMS Tool


The Send SMS tool can be used to test sending messages from alternate numbers, with or without URLs, etc.. in order to detect if carrier filtering is taking place, and available workarounds (like disabling URLs in SMS messages, or using an alternate From number).

From Number Override


Admins now have the ability to override the From number for SMS messages per-carrier. This is helpful in the case that a specific carrier is blocking SMS message delivery and can be used as a temporary workaround without a new deployment or code change.

System Limits Configuration


A new admin page was added to allow configuring and viewing current system limits.

Live Alert Log Updates


The alert log has been enhanced to show current status of message delivery.


Issues like failures to send, or disabled contact methods, will also show up in the log.


Additionally, things like having nobody on call, or users without immediate rules, will be reflected in the log.

Calendar Subscriptions


It is now possible for users to subscribe to their own shifts via a calendar subscription. This allows viewing when you're on call for a schedule from apps like Google Calendar or iCalendar

Subscriptions may be accessed from your Profile page, additionally they can be created from any schedule's details page.

Multi-Alert Creation


The create alert dialog has been reworked allowing for creating identical alerts across multiple services. This is intended to help operations teams that may need to notify multiple teams about a wide-impact incident.

New Devtools

  • Added a new sendit tool that is similar to ngrok that can be self hosted.
  • Added postgresql:// support to the waitfor tool

Other Improvements

  • The alerts list will now show any alerts you have been notified for, in addition to favorite services.
  • All valid SMS START/STOP commands are now handled appropriately and logged.
  • Alert log timestamps should now render in the same format as the rest of the application.
  • GoAlert can now be run with a URL path prefix.
  • Quicker details page loading from list pages.
  • Data refetch -- fixed a lot of issues with page data being out-of-date after editing.
  • Lots of refactor/stabilization work.
  • Fixed behavior of search select clearing.
  • Fixed various gotchas in the switchover shell code.
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@mastercactapus mastercactapus released this Dec 10, 2019


This hotfix release fixes a critical bug in the rotation/schedule calculation code that could cause an infinite loop (more context here).

Additionally, when trying to create an override that conflicts with an existing one, users will now receive a descriptive error, indicating the conflicting user, instead of a generic "unexpected error" message.

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@mastercactapus mastercactapus released this Nov 21, 2019

Getting Ready For Peak

This release has a lot of bug fixes, features, and hardening in prep for the peak season!

Message Bundling!!

No more SMS/call per-second during alert storms!!

When you have more than 1 scheduled message for a given contact method (e.g. 5 alerts pending for SMS)
you will now get an SMS reading "Svc: 'foobar' has 5 unacked alerts" with an option to ack or close all. This also works for voice and Slack!

Additionally, you will only ever receive up to 1 message per 60-seconds for an individual contact method (confirmation/replies excluded).

You can enable bundling from the Admin page under the General section.

Short URL Support

GoAlert now supports generating shorter URLs, optionally from an alternate domain.

You can enable ShortURL in the Admin page under the General section.

Alert Cleanup

You can now have GoAlert automatically cleanup closed alerts that are older than a configurable amount of days.

This can be enabled by setting a non-zero value for Alert Cleanup Days in the Maintenance section of the Admin page.

New Database Driver

We switched to the driver to solve a swath of bugs and issues (e.g. where context deadlines were not respected) we ran into with the old driver. We also put a lot of work in to handle DB/connection hiccups more gracefully. In most cases, this means even if the DB is restarted, no requests will fail (assuming it comes back within a reasonable time).

More importantly, network edge cases that could cause a connection or query to hang (sometimes indefinitely) will now properly terminate and respect context deadlines using the new driver.

Heartbeat Monitors

Heartbeat monitors are a new feature that will generate an Alert if they do not receive a POST request within the specified time period. This means you can have a cronjob checking in hourly, and if it fails, fails to run, or loses network access, GoAlert will still create an alert once the timeout is reached.

You can find the link on the Service Details page to manage these.

System Limits

We've introduced a default set of system limits for things like max rules on a schedule, max unacked alerts per service, etc.. These are intended to give some type of bounds or upper-limit on different resources.

They can be tweaked in the config_limits table. A page will be added to the Admin panel in a future version.

Prioritization Refactor

The logic around prioritizing messages has been replaced with a version that is unit-testable and flexible. Services that have not received any notifications will have their first notification prioritized above all else for example.

Priority is also re-calculated per-message making it fairer during alert storms.

Misc Other Changes

  • Site24x7 integration (#96, thanks @sco-pi for the contribution!)
  • lots and lots of bugfixes
  • lots of dependency updates
  • updated Go and React
  • started migrating lots of code to use React hooks
  • fixed issue that blocked messages being sent to many country codes
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@m17ch m17ch released this Jul 24, 2019

Fix all the things!

This release primarily focused on fixing bugs and barriers that were reported in v0.22.0.

High Level Changes

  • Validation for things like Slack and Mailgun keys has been adjusted to allow all valid keys
  • Favorite support for rotations and schedules
  • The goalert/goalert docker container now listens on the wildcard address by default
  • All valid country codes should now be supported for contact methods
  • DB switchover code has been cleaned up, hardened, and tested more info here
  • A bunch of accessibility improvements
  • Verification and opt-out/opt-in flow for new and disabled contact methods
  • Dependency updates
  • Lots of bug fixes


  • build: Dockerfile update (#66)
  • search: focus fix (#65)
  • dialogs: fix cases where errors were not displayed (#64)
  • profile: contact method management fixes (#63)
  • contact methods: hide reactivate button on mobile/always have option within other actions (#60)
  • add key to elements rendered from a map (#59)
  • contact methods: allow all country codes and return formatted numbers (#53)
  • contact methods: disable and require verification after creating or editing (#54)
  • dev: change smoketest dep from generate to install (#58)
  • return fragments in favor of arrays (#57)
  • update tab title (#56)
  • profile: show warning and option to reactivate when contact method is disabled (#28)
  • ui: accessibility upgrades
  • http: request queue and timeouts (#48)
  • ui dependencies: upgrade lodash-es to 4.17.14 (#50)
  • app: don't sanitize search param for list pages (#49)
  • Search: update validation for search strings containing spaces (#47)
  • config: loosen key validation & guide updates (#44)
  • schedules: add user favorites support (#26)
  • allow 10-digit sections in slack tokens (#41)
  • dev: easily run integration tests by cli (#39)
  • alerts: add createAlert mutation (#37)
  • rotations: add user favorites support (#27)
  • ep step: allow user selection when Slack is disabled (#36)
  • alertlog: graphql2 endpoint (#16)
  • switchover: hardening & refactor instrumentation (#23)
  • services: favorites test code improvements (#31)
  • make fake slack creds look more fake (#32)
  • ui-dependencies: organize package.json dependencies (#20)
  • contactmethod: allow UK (+44) numbers (#22)
  • ui dependencies: non-breaking change package updates (#18)
  • docker: fix default listen address in container (#17)
  • ui dependencies: material-ui-pickers update to @material-ui/pickers v3.1.0 (#14)
  • ui dependencies: upgrade material-ui and react (#13)
  • ui dependencies: webpack-dev-server upgrade to stable version (#11)
  • chore: update Go dependencies (#12)
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@mastercactapus mastercactapus released this Jun 10, 2019

Initial open source release!

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