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C is a programming language designed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs. C is very widely used, straightforward, and can be compiled to a number of platforms and operating systems. C is an imperative language, with a small number of keywords and a large number of mathematical operators.

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mtzguido commented Oct 8, 2018

This is very low prio, but it usually happens that when touching Prims or some other file high in the dependency graph, we get spurious diffs in many other files. Since we check-in the snapshot, and we need to have it up-to-date, we get very verbose commits when nothing relevant changed. Plus, when something did change, it's hard to spot.

Example: I removed a few lines in prims and get things

jaladh-singhal commented Feb 23, 2019

This application uses Windows API by including inbuilt windows.h in C to use Beep() function. We can:

  1. Devise a way to incorporate Windows API in non-Windows OS so that Beep() function can be accessed by C compiler in those OSes.
  2. Use an alternative/equivalent function for Beep() - a function which intakes frequency value & time value to produce a sound beep.

Please add

Created by Dennis Ritchie

Released 1972


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