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Virtual meetings

Developer meetings currently take place the last Monday of each month at 17:00 PM CET. Minutes from past meetings are listed further below. In addition, monthly RIOT Hack&ACK (H&A) evening sessions take place the last Tuesday of each month, starting at 17:00 PM CET. Developers can H&A join either remotely, or physically (see below).

Meetings are announced on the mailing list, with instructions for remote participation.

Face-to-face meetings

The community as a whole gathers yearly at the RIOT Summit. Monthly f2f meetings happen in various locations (for instance Berlin, Hamburg and Paris) at the occasion of local RIOT Hack&Ack. Other meetings happen sporadically on-demand, focusing on a particular topic (e.g. Task Force meetings).

Minutes from previous meetings

Minutes from previous virtual meetings

Minutes from previous face-to-face meetings (not up-to-date)

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