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Release: 2014.05

Thomas Eichinger edited this page May 21, 2014 · 18 revisions

This page is supposed to streamline the next RIOT release.

Release Plan

Milestone for having all PRs merged: May 14, 2014

Aimed release date: May 21, 2014

Planned Features

Feature Details Assigned to Status
OpenWSN separate patch files Thomas done
write manual, howto Thomas done
sync with plug-test openwsn branch Thomas done
sync with plug-test iot-lab_M3 branch Thomas done #18 #24 #26 #30
RPL clean-up/restructuring open open
impl. non-storing mode open open
Cortex-M create cortexm_common Hauke in progress
port STM32Fx Hauke in progress
port SAM3X Hauke in progress
MSP430 (*) fix and test current impl. open open
add support for Zolertia Z1 Kévin done #893
X86 port document port Rene in progress
Testing introduce unit test framework Martine done
improve CI-server documentation Martine in progress (?)
Dokumentation get rid of all doxygen warnings for core all done #962 #977 #983 #958 #1041
put file in every example application @LudwigOrtmann @mehlis @kijewski in progress #1067 #1068 #1070

(*) star-marked items are optional for the release

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