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minutes from OTA Task Force virtual meeting 15.08.2018

Emmanuel Baccelli edited this page Aug 17, 2018 · 1 revision

OTA Task Force meeting 15.08.18

Participants: @bergzand @cladmi @emmanuelsearch @danpetry @kYc0o

Goal: get something minimal early in master for this release cycle


  • overall update/synch based on #9342
  • rebase on master of the most advanced OTA branch so far
  • update readme

overall update/synch based on #9342

Bootloader/Flasher: current bottleneck: .hex generation is nice to have, but not the minimal goal (we already support producing .bin) => @cladmi focuses on enabling flashing .bin

OTA module: current bottleneck: CoAP block2, potentially delayed due to other CoAP refactoring (Ken?) => use CoAP block1 instead for receiving a firmware => @bergzand

Basic Firmware Metadata: current bottleneck: two needs: bootloader, security/integrity => go for minimal version with metadata that just has a magic number, start address of the firmware and CRC of the metadata (see #9342 comment) => @kYc0o

Need tool/process to prepend the minimal metadata to an image

Minimal bootloader: => @kYc0o

OTA server: go for a simple CoAP client on Linux + push need special tooling to generate image + signature

rebase on master of the most advanced OTA branch so far

=> @cladmi

-> Done:
    It's a dummy rebase without squashing/fixing old commits. Also I did not tested.
    I am not sure about the COAP block 2 rebase.

update readme

=> @kYc0o (after rebase)

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